Your Step-by-Step Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77

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QuickBooks accounting software stores the financial record of your company. The application is efficient and valuable; however, you may encounter errors sometimes while using QuickBooks. The most common error you face while using QuickBooks is company file errors. For example, QuickBooks error 6000 77 is a company file error that gets triggered due to the damaged files/folder or issues with the firewall setting. In most cases, running the file doctor will repair the error. However, the cause of the error is more than one so, the solutions are different for every cause. The information given below in this article explains the causes of the error with its solutions. Read the entire article to find a solution that best suits your situation.

If you require an expert’s assistance for the error’s troubleshooting, dial (844)-932-1139 and get in touch with a QuickBooks Professional.

How to fix QuickBooks Company file Error 6000 77?

Open the File using a UNC Path rather than the Mapped Drive

If the file location changes but the mapped drive address remains the same, the QuickBooks company file error will get triggered. You can resolve the error if you open the file using a UNC path instead of the mapped drive. The steps to use a UNC path are listed below:

  • First, you need to right-click the QuickBooks icon.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key and while selecting Run as Administrator.
  • Release the Ctrl key after the No company open window appears.
  • Open the File menu and click Open or Restore Company.
  • Then select open a company file and click the Next button.
  • Choose Network, and then go to your company file location.
  • Select your company file and click open.

Recreate Damaged Folder

The error can get triggered if the company file folder is damaged. You need to recreate the damaged folder to fix the error. Follow the steps provided below to recreate the damaged folder:

  • First, you need to open C: drive on your computer.
  • Next, create a new folder in the C: drive.
  • Open the damaged folder where you have saved your file.
  • Search and right-click your company file.
  • Then click the copy option.
  • Go to the new folder you made in C: drive and paste the copied company file there.
  • Make sure you have set the Windows access permission to share the company file.
  • Finally, you can open the company file from a new location in QuickBooks.


This article aims to explain the causes and the solutions to QuickBooks Error 6000 77. The solutions mainly include recreating the damaged folder and using the UNC path to open the file instead of the mapped drive. If you are still stuck with the error, it might be possible the firewall is preventing QuickBooks connection with the server. Configure the firewall settings to fix the error. However, if the error remains unresolved, dial (844)-932-1139 and get the help of a QuickBooks Professional.


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