Yoga helps you to fight against Covid-19

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Yoga helps you to fight against Covid-19

Sometimes, the solution isn’t in the cure but its prevention. The same applies to Covid. These Yoga Kriyas will help you cleanse your sense organs and develop a healthy system that can fight Novel Coronavirus easily.

Coronavirus: Purification kriyas to improve health

Imagine a house that hasn’t been cleaned or used in 10 years. While you may see broken windows and dulled walls from the outside, what about the inside? There are cobwebs, dust, and messy leftover furniture. All of these things make it difficult for sunlight to reflect in the house. A house that is not maintained properly can become unusable and a store with many problems.

This is how you can see the condition of your body. If we don’t clean our bodies well, we may experience dull skin or blockages in the blood vessels—picture old food particles trapped in your intestines for days. We also need to maintain our health. We can make a lot of progress with basic exercises and a balanced diet. We are still living in a dream and unaware of the reality inside. Everything seems perfect from the outside, but then we find out a serious problem like IBS, PCOS, liver infection, PCOS, or hair loss. Instead of understanding why it happened, many blame themselves for their immediate actions.

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Keep in mind that the immediate actions result from several unfavorable decisions taken in the same direction. We must dig deeper to find the root cause. Many of our problems are caused by the junk we keep in our bodies and our sedentary lifestyles. The body communicates at a basic level, but we don’t listen. The body will send an alarm signal when the small junk becomes too large and dangerous to live with. This could be in the form of extreme pain or other severe actions (e.g. hair fall).

What does yoga fit in?

Yoga is a great way to take care of your body if you haven’t been doing so for a while. Although the ultimate goal of yoga is self-realization, physical practice of yoga can help you build a mental and spiritual practice. If your physical body isn’t strong enough, you can’t practice the mental aspects effectively. Stability and strength are essential. To make your physical body strong, you need to have the muscles, nerves, and breathing working together.

Where do you start?

Hatha Yoga teaches that one should first perform cleansing kriyas before moving on to pranayamas and asanas. Cleansing kriyas cleanse the body and mind and relieve allergies and illnesses. The body becomes more mobile and strong through asana practice. Regular practice can reduce problems such as back pain IBS, and heart disease. Pranayama balances the mind and body, making the subtle body more powerful. All such problems, including memory loss, depression, distracted mind, weakness, and other issues, start to disappear.

First step:

Proper cleansing from the inside out is essential to strengthening your body and mind. The shatkriyas, which were developed hundreds of years ago, are designed to allow the mind and body to work at their best. This would allow for gradual growth in pranayama, asana and dhyana. As a beginner in the 21st Century, the first step is to do some basic cleansing kriyas.

What is Shatkriya?

Shat is six, and kriya is activity. Yoga, specifically Hatha Yoga, recommends six purification activities. It is a multi-directional attack on the impurities in the body and mind. It targets blockages, which prevent the body from absorbing food, air, and energy properly. The flow cannot be interrupted once their pathways are clear.

These six kriyas:







For now, we will be focusing on the first two.


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