WordPress Website Design Planning Checklist 2021

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WordPress websites, no doubt, serve wonderfully for all small businesses, corporations, or just blogging as a hobby. But, no need to mention, the design is the first aspect of any website that interacts with the users. This means the design should be not only aesthetic and cool but is coherent with the audiences as well. Moreover, a rhythmic and ordered workflow is necessary to have a good web design. Therefore, today we are going to assist you with WordPress site design planning.
Let’s do this with a checklist of the elements (you should consider) that can help you get it faster.

Start with Branding

For your website project, get started with the branding. By branding, we mean the Logo Design for the website, print, and social media like business stationery, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Also, the color scheme or accent color and typography.
You might be pondering the reason behind it.
Planning these will help have a consistent and professional look all over the website – for instance, to match logo colors with the website. Furthermore, to streamline the usability and readability for the users without affecting the aesthetics of the website.
It is favorable to hire WordPress Website Design Services to streamline your site’s design process. The experts there know the right proportion of the design features and designing and developing your envisioned website.


While moving on to the navigation, don’t adjust your site navigation the way you like. Instead, think from the users’ perspective because the users will be evaluating it later.
Around 94% of web users say websites should be easy to navigate. If it doesn’t satisfy them (they can’t find what they are looking for), leaving the website takes no time. In particular, mobile users are mostly affected by unthoughtful navigation. Thus, draw special attention to this feature while WordPress site design planning. Plan a simple menu, easy-to-understand parent and child categories, and avoid unnecessarily long scrolling headers.

Responsive Websites

Responsive layouts are trendy, being in demand by web users and also search engines. Besides, Google is also using the mobile-first indexing approach. Like above, making your site equally workable for all consumers, especially mobile users, never compromises website responsiveness. Your website will perform excellently in searches, and if it is user-friendly, you can get an edge on the increased and qualified leads and conversions.

Remember to add Media Files (visual content)

Media files explain the story without getting the user stranded in the mesh of words. Typical examples of the visual content are pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, online videos, screenshots, memes, and slide decks.
Therefore, keep in mind the quantity of media to add to your web design in a balanced way.

Hero Banner on your website

Hero header, aka hero banner, is the large banner on the top of the website (homepage) after the navigation bar. Using perfect features, images, videos, or text here helps pose a long-lasting and robust impression of the business to the incoming traffic.
You might have understood until now how much necessary it is to plan before heading straight to the designer. WordPress Web Design Services by a professional WordPress Design Agency follow this agile course of action to erect unique WordPress websites.
So, let’s carry on with the checklist!


Alongside the above sections, don’t forget to plan and design a blog section for your website. It isn’t difficult to add one, thanks to WordPress that has an excellent blogging feature. In addition, blogs and articles increase the indexing ratio for the website.
Another perk is that blogging helps draw traffic to the website, retain them, and provide them with helpful information. You can share company news and other user-focused content here. So add this segment to WordPress site design planning. Later hire competent Content Writing Services to fill in your content requirements as posting on a daily basis is viable.

Call-to-Actions (CTA)

CTAs assist the users in taking action towards conversions, newsletter signups, subscriptions, etc. So make sure to add some noticeable and clickable call-to-action on the right places of the website.

Social Media Icons

In addition to the above, adding social media links/ icons to your WordPress Website Design is crucial. Why? Not all the time the users visit the websites, keeping them connected with you and your business and company news, these links can help you.

Newsletter Signup Feature

Don’t forget to include newsletter signup to share the regular updates with your users right in their inbox. And grab the attention of the leads until they convert as your customers and afterward.

Make contact with you easy for your users.

Finally, yet importantly, plan the contact and support ways. You definitely are going to have a “contact us” page on your website. All you need to try is to make contact easy for your prospects and customers. For instance, either you create a form with no account creation hassles and without step-by-step redirection so that individuals can reach out to you faster whenever they need.
The elements listed in the checklist will assist you in WordPress site design planning. However, if it is hard to handle, hand over your website project to skilled WordPress Website Design Packages from the outset. And expect a lovely and purposeful website for your brand and business.


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