Why You Should Study B.Sc

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By doing Bachelors in Science, or B.Sc, a student opens up a wide range of opportunities for themselves. Some of the most common professional fields include technical education, management studies, research & development, as well as teaching.

Science and technology provide tremendous growth opportunities for the individual and the nation. As long as this field is flourishing, the nation grows as well. For this to happen, more people need to take this field up. 

A student who is interested in pursuing B.Sc has the option to choose between many courses like mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, botany and many other subjects.

Since the number of options available is vast, there are a vast number of career opportunities available as well. 

Which is the best B.Sc college in Jharkhand?

AISECT University is a very good option if you are looking for a B.Sc college in Jharkhand. Choosing the right university for your undergraduate studies is almost as important as choosing the right course. The right university and environment determine a lot about the future of the individual. 

The faculty at the university is very dedicated to providing students with information in both practical and theoretical aspects. The goal is to make sure students are well prepared when they head into the professional world. Often, students learn a lot from these practical courses since it gives them an idea of what to expect in the real world. 

Since the B.Sc course is not as widely publicized as most courses are, not many students opt for it. Often students are reluctant to pursue B.Sc as they are unaware of the kind of career opportunities available to students after B.Sc. We hope to end these notions by providing students with the right kind of information. 

Bachelors in Science is an undergraduate course that lasts for three years. A student can choose to do B.Sc Hons also. Traditionally, Bachelors in Science courses include biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology just to name a few. 

Some subjects that a student can aspire to study under a Bsc degree include: 


This is the prime subject of science that involves the study of theorems and other theoretical knowledge. Physics is the mother branch of all computer science and programming. There are several fascinating things one can learn from physics like thermodynamics, quantum physics and astronomy. After doing a BSc in Physics, one can even go for further education like doing an MSc and an MPhil after that. 


The study of algebra, mathematical analysis, geometry, etc is mathematics. This subject is very useful to further a career in computer sciences, finance and medicine just to name a few. One can even go for further studies by doing an MSc after doing a BSc. 


Broadly, chemistry is the study of compounds and elements. Chemistry can be further divided into its other branches, like organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry. One can again go in for further studies upon completion of this course.

Future Prospects: 

Upon completion of a BSc course, a student will be able to get a job in any MNC or they may choose to opt for further studies. 

Here are some common job opportunities that students opt for

  • Forensic crime research
  • Environment conservation
  • Space research institutes
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Educational institutions
  • Oil industry 
  • Dieticians
  • Geology
  • Forest services
  • Hospitals

Students can also opt for further studies in the form of M.Sc, which is a Masters course. Going for masters provides students with a more specialized study into the subject matter. If you would like to know more about the course please visit www.aisectuniversityjharkhand.ac.in

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