Why New Induction Cooktops Are Safer and Faster Than Gas or Electric?

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Cooking safely and quickly is a priority for anyone preparing meals in the kitchen. With the conventional ways of cooking, you depend on gas stovetops that rely on exposed flames that release harmful gases or electric stoves that heat the burners to a dangerous extent. A better alternative is to buy an induction stove. Induction cooktops are the new norms in most Indian kitchens as they are more efficient than the traditional gas or electric stoves. You must add this to your existing range of kitchen appliances. And yes, these are a safe and faster way to cook when compared to the conventional ways.


How Are Induction Cooktops More Efficient?

If there’s a safer and faster alternative than gas or electric stovetops, then it’s definitely the innovative range of induction cooktops. These stoves work based on electromagnetic currents that are directly sent to the bottom of the utensils. This heats the vessels and their contents in just a fraction of the time than conventional stoves but it doesn’t surround the air or the stovetop. This way, you get to use a safer cooktop that uses less energy, emits fewer pollutants, and allows food to get heated to higher temperatures quicker.


Enhanced Safety

While cooking with gas or electric stoves, you may accidentally burn your fingers due to the heat that is emitted due to exposed flames or heating elements. But, this is not the case with an induction stove as the heat is directly transferred only to the utensils; even if you happen to touch the stovetop by mistake, it will not burn your fingers. So, they are absolutely safe to use.


Almost all induction ranges come with unique overheating protection, which you don’t get in any of the gas stoves or electric stoves. If the utensil gets very hot, the appliance switches off automatically. An alarm is also triggered automatically when overheating happens, which serves as an indicator for you. After some time, you can use the stove again.

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Cook Faster

Induction stovetops are much faster than the other stoves that you use generally. As mentioned earlier, this is because heat is directly transferred to the cookware. This helps in food getting cooked quicker. Further, most induction stoves come with pre-set functions for cooking different meals. Some of the common functions available in most induction cooktops are dosa, roti, soup, curry, boil milk, fry, and rice. So, you can choose one of these depending on what you are cooking. This makes cooking faster.


Convenient to Use

Besides the pre-set functions that we discussed now, induction stoves also come with a host of other convenience features, which make them hassle-free for users. For instance, the ‘keep warm’ function helps you to keep cooked items warm for a long period. This way, you can enjoy the food hot and delicious at any time. Then, there are digital functions with LED displays and easy-to-use controls. Every mode that is selected on the appliance lights the right LED light to show the status of the settings.


Easy to Clean

Cleaning an induction cooktop is a breeze. All that you need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean. You don’t have to scrub it hard to get off the grease or other stains.


Highly Portable

Portability is the best part of induction cooktops. You can carry it easily to your bedroom, living room, balcony, or elsewhere. You would need only an electric plug point to start using it.


Considering the points that we have discussed above, it’s evident that the induction range of stoves are not only safer and faster to use but also very convenient. This makes it one of the must-have kitchen appliances.


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