Why Is My Internet So Slow?

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Hola! Are you dealing with a slow internet connection and unable to execute your desired work online? When you are at your leisure hours, what would you like to do the most? The answer would rather fall into playing an online game, watching movies online, or surfing on the internet. Whatever you decide to do requires good internet connectivity. 

As Andrew Brown quoted “The Internet is so big, so powerful and so pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life” In the present time, nobody can imagine his/her life without the internet on their phone. Thus, we can claim none can be more hideous than a slow internet connection. If you are also facing slow internet connection issues, you don’t need to worry more about it! We have summarised some effective solutions on how to speed up the internet. 

Some effective solutions to speed up your internet connection 

Solution 1. Check your data cap 

A data cap means you are allowed to consume a certain amount of data every month- it varies from a couple of MB to GB. If your data used or the consumption limit crosses the data amount you are provided on the daily basis, your internet speed will slow down automatically. 

You can check your data cap in the bill and approach the package provider to grant you comparatively more data limit. 

Solution 2. Restart your router 

For experiencing good internet connectivity, you should try restarting your Wi-Fi router or the modem. What you need to do is to turn off the modem and after a very few minutes, turn on it again. It will reset the modem settings and stimulate your connection with ISP. 

Solution 3. Make sure your router is placed at a perfect place

You must place your router at a place, where the Wi-Fi signal can reach you smoothly. If the router is fixed at a remote corner of your house, the internet connection will surely suffer. 

Solution 4. Check your browser and the device 

If the Wi-Fi is working on other devices or another browser, the problem is lying in your device or the browser you are currently running. Make sure your device is not facing any internal errors before cursing your Wi-Fi provider. To troubleshoot the issues, reboot your device

Additionally, clear all the cache and browser history to let you surf on the internet easily. You can use the Opera browser for experiencing one-time faster internet. 

Solution 5. Disable ads on every search 

Ads appearing on the websites or another application you are using online consume your data and thereby hinders the internet speed. You can block those ads by installing an ad-blocking tool on your device. 

Solution 6. Install a protection software 

Viruses and malware in your device can certainly drag the internet connection along with damaging your device. You can install any anti-malware program that suits your device the best to prevent malware and viruses lurking your device and thus allow smooth browsing. 

Solution 7. Shift to a new DNS for a faster result 

When you type anything in your browser and give a search command, the DNS of your computer translates those keywords into the computing language or say IP address. Sometimes, your DNS can show up some issues and thus give you slow results. 

You can go to some of the best DNS providers. For instance, Cloudflare, Google DNS, and Namebanch. You can visit the ityug247 for more related content. 



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