Why is Microblading Gaining So Much Popularity?

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Almost everyone by now has heard about eyebrows enhancement, and it is classified among modern cosmetic procedures. There has been a tremendous rise in popularity and acceptance of this technique.

Now the question is, why is this cosmetic procedure so famous?

Whether you are deciding to get PhiBrows or you want to join phiacademy online course, having little knowledge about microblading can help you understand what microblading is? Why are this method so effective and a much better alternative to various other methods and eyebrow tattooing?

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique ideal for defining, constructing, and covering gaps in the plucked eyebrows. It is a modern, effective and convenient way to shape the eyebrows for an extended period of time.

Microblading enhances or reshapes the appearance of eyebrows in terms of shape and color. This technique involves depositing pigment in the topmost layer of the skin, so it fades away with time than traditional tattooing techniques in which pigment gets deeper into the dermis.

Popularity of Microblading

One of the prime reasons microblading is so much popular is that it creates the most natural-looking eyebrows that enhance the look and appearance of a person. The trained and experienced microblading professionals beautifully form and shape the eyebrows to give a beautiful look to the client’s face, bone structure, and skin tone.

This technique has become so popular that many people are talking about physical and online microblading and PhiBrows courses. The people looking for Phiacademy online course can take it from PhiBrows microblading academy at affordable prices.

Here are some of the reasons explaining why people love this technique

  • It is Super Convenient

Microblading is like a semi-permanent tattoo on your eyebrow lines. The device that experts use in this procedure is a hand-held tool that is simple and lightweight.

The whole procedure takes a few hours, and the client can observe results immediately. Also, being semi-permanent, it does not stay on the skin forever.

Many women hesitate to get a tattoo because of the thought of it being permanent. But with this technique, they do not need to be worried. The eyebrow tattoo lasts from one year to a maximum of three years, and you can get it done again.

  • It Offers Amazing Results

One of the reasons why this technique is so popular is because it provides spectacular results. Whether you are looking for thick brows or have no brow hair and want to start to form the scratch, the results will be spectacular. You can give your brows precise shape and intensity. You can get them as you please.

  • It is Durable

While clients enjoy trying out new gels and brow powders that come in the market, those methods can easily get wiped away. Microblading, on the other hand, can hold up against swimming, working out, sweating. The results of microblading last from 10 months to 3 years.

  • Low Maintenance

People with very thin and patchy eyebrows go for Follicular Unit Transplant or eyebrow transplant, but this is a permanent procedure and is much more extreme.

Microblading, on the other hand, is a great semi-permanent option that requires little to no maintenance. Many clients wait for a maximum of 30 minutes after the procedure is done to check their eyebrows are healing properly.

Many women love this method because it reduces their salon trips after every 15 days to get their eyebrows done. So, even if they forget to go to the salon or do not find time, they will still look fresh and beautiful.

  • It is Much better than Tattooing

Rather than having your eyebrows done permanently, microblading influences the topmost layer (epidermal layer) of the skin and does not cut pigment into deeper layers. Therefore, microblading gives a much more natural look.

In tattooing, you get a block of pigment that stays forever on your skin, but microblading provides a beautiful and stylish brush stroke that looks like you have natural eyebrow hairs.

  • Low Risk

Unlike many other invasive procedures, microblading has low risk. Though there are chances that end results might not be what the client was looking for, you can protect your business through comprehensive insurance coverage. But the chances of mishap are low.

The microblading experts put their effort into providing the best services to their clients.

Who Can Go for Microblading?

Microblading is for everyone. Anyone can get it done if they want to. You might want to get darker, thicker, and beautiful eyebrows that look amazing, and you don’t need to style them up.  Well, guess what? Microblading can do all this for you.

It gives you a natural and beautiful look that lasts from months to years. You do not need to get your eyebrows done every other day. Even if you have lost eyebrows due to aging or other diseases, microblading can absolutely help you.


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