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Ecommerce is everyone’s favorite for shopping online, and everything to purchase from the seat of your home; it offers a lot of different offers to avail when you visit someone’s store. Ecommerce is growing its way into the public heart and mind giving them the advantage to shop online from anywhere and anytime; even the businessman can afford to shop at its leisure, all the features introduced by this growing and fast replacing the need of going out for shopping with the customized home based and one-tap shopping system. E-commerce has more benefits than we can count on our fingers.

Taking about Ecommerce Store Development, has anyone ever noticed the sudden shift in the shopping trend where it has replaced your fun time with an all-time home bond situation, providing not enough time to walk and enjoy the weekend with the friends going from store to store and window everything there, passing comments on the style of the organization, all the fun which used to be refreshing to your mind is now moving behind the curtain of the glass and code. There are a lot of things we can talk about how customers hatee-commerce,

Poor graphic design

Ecommerce as itself is good to provide the customer with an opportunity to buy anything with one tap in case you are running late and want to get anything beforehand, the first impression that hits on the customer is the designing of the website, no matter how good your services are your website design is always count first before looking even for the product, its very nostalgic to the customer to look at odd and old time, Unmodernized and not minimalistic designs of the website. Customer look for the elegant design attractive and stunning styles of the website before they consider shopping form any website.

Take this as a website which is just designed to upload and catalogue stuff and make an inventory for the articles, there is no product or even the brand style or elegancy to help support the website with its natural colors and style, then how can a customer, fan of your stuff would find your website at any point attractive when your website is not designed to attract customer or traffic. Graphic designing matters a lot in attracting and convincing the customers to shop from their website.

Unreachable customer service

When it comes to the customer service there is no alternative, you can’t deny the people their right to question you before buying anything, and this is what ecommerce has been doing for quite some time, providing the customer with unreachable customer services where you can bother but can’t get anyone to help you, this is very irritating for the customers who actually wanted to buy something and are looking to inquire about its quality.

No way to filter or sort result

This is very infuriating to scroll the pages to the end before finding the item you were looking for; this is very terrifying and exhausting stuff to do and stare at the hundreds of thousands of products without any means to filter them to reach your desired product. Unless there are fifty or hundred products in your inventory, give me means to sort your products out so that I can find the product which I am looking for. This is a very bad step back in the field of ecommerce putting the customers on a long list of the products which is exhausting and terrifying at the same time and a reason to hate the ecommerce if you don’t you will start doing it after going through such a tedious job.

No search options

Filtering and sorting aside no option to search the catalogue or inventory is worse and hateful thing. That the ecommerce website designer can do to its customers. When the customer has to go through the product hierarchy and the product which they need is a bad influence. To no just your sales abut also your ecommerce business will start to collapse. It is very disdain to go through the product categories and look up your product when it can easily be listed out by the search option.

Require login to purchase

Among the other things that customer hate about the ecommerce SEO Service, login is top listed, asking to make an account or log in before buying anything is such an ordeal which everyone hates, this is very exhausting work to do, a complete long chapter of different fill ins and different information columns which buyers hate for not sharing any personal information but somehow you have to provide before buying everything to your knowledge so that you can buy the product which you have added to the cart.

Logging or creating account makes the ecommerce platform hate evermore. When you can simply ask to fil the column of required information like. Your address where you deliver the product and payment on your doorstep.

Shipping costs

There are lot of things to hate the ecommerce platform. But none is compared to the itch shipping costs cause. High pricing and expensive shipping costs will not just wants to hate the ecommerce more but wants to leave. This platform for good without any remorse of not buying the product you fallen for.

This is so cruel for the customer to buy the things online and. Then have to pay a high flexed shipping costs which is just almost equals to the product cost. So customers just skip out the shopping on ecommerce platform. When you have to pay double amount of the cost for single item.


Ecommerce today is a growing platform for the shopping and everything. But still there are certain things which customers hate about the ecommerce. Some of which are listed above describing the issues and the reasons which not just make. The customers hate this growing platform but sever any ties with it because of these condemnable points.


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