Why Hard wall Cleanrooms?

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If you are speaking of Hardwall cleanrooms, then you are also speaking of modular types. These are highly integrated types. They have a very integrated wall structure. The cleanrooms are completely compact and sealed. The panels that have to be added to the clean rooms are mounted on the steeled structures and frames.

Thus the cleanroom will have a very robust structure. The inside area of the cleanroom can be maintained hygienic and clean. Some of the best Hardwall cleanrooms may also be efficient in regulating a large volume of airflow on the inner side. This means that the area that is enclosed inside the cleanroom is also considered a clean zone.

So, why hard wall cleanrooms? The first reason is that such rooms are efficient in maintaining pollutant and dust-free environments indoors. These types of rooms are efficient for all laboratory applications. The rooms also have a very durable and robust finish. These are also ideal options for manufacturing units that may need to maintain a dust and pollution-free environment.

So why do you ever need one?

The first most important point to keep in mind is that the rooms will offer you a very regulated and controlled environment. For some specific types of works, such conditions are essential. If you install a hardwall cleanroom, then it is obvious that you get to work in an environment that is dust and microbes free

It also helps in keeping the pollutants away from the work environment. If you are in the manufacturing process, then air particles and aerosols can be disturbing. For some conditions, these can also pose a serious threat. So you may need to install a Hardwall cleanroom on your premises.

What types of services may need to install Hardwall Cleanrooms?

In general, the rooms are more common in any pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. So if your business is linked to manufacturing any type of pharmaceutical product, then you may need to install this type of room on the premises.

If you have a medical equipment and tools manufacturing unit, then you also need a hardwall cleanroom installed within your premises. This is important so the quality of the medical equipment can be well maintained.

You will also find a lot of semi-conductor manufacturing units making use of cleanroom facilities. Apart from this, any electronic manufacturing unit will also need to install this type of cleanroom facility. If you are in the PCB manufacturing business, then you may have to install one such room for the printing area. The rooms can be widely used for many different purposes. In most cases, the rooms are linked with the laboratory-related work environment.

What is the working process of the hardwall cleanroom?


The rooms may work based on a simple principle. They are designed in such a way that they will filter out any pollutants from the air. If the circulating air has a lot of mixed pollutants, then the room will filter the air before it can be allowed to circulate indoors inside the room.

This also means that the filter system will also filter all types of contaminants from the circulating air. Only clean and purified air is allowed to circulate indoors inside the room. The air is sucked from an external source. Before it is allowed to circulate indoors, it will be filtered.

The decontamination process is performed by specialized filter units. Each filter unit is manufactured as per the desired specifications of the room. Once the air is filtered, it will be forced with high pressure inside the room. It is then allowed to circulate inside the room.

The walls of the cleanroom are made up of specialized-grade steel frames. Thus it is highly durable and can withstand high-pressure conditions as well.

Commercial uses of the hardwall cleanrooms

Are you still concerned about why hardwall cleanrooms? If yes, then you need to understand that these rooms have a lot of commercial use. You will find these rooms commonly in many manufacturing and processing units. The rooms are also a part of any modern laboratory.

For all types of medical industries, cleanrooms are a must. So if your business is manufacturing any product that may get affected in quality because of the aerosol contaminants, then you may need to construct a quality grade hardwall cleanroom.

This is why you can find many commercial industries still making use of cleanrooms. All types of research facilities are already using these types of rooms. Cleanrooms are also commonly used in Aerospace industries.

Any unit that is linked to the Nano-technology will need one room within the premises. Military applications industries also need high-quality cleanrooms installed.


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