Why get log book servicing Epping from car mechanic than the dealer?

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If your car warranty period is still active, then you need to keep up with the logbook service Epping, or otherwise, it can invalidate your warranty. This is essential that if anytime something goes wrong with the car and you take it to the dealer for repairs during the warranty period. First, they look at your logbook, and if you have not performed any services, they can refuse to pay for the car repairs.

Nowadays, you have the opportunity to take your car to the auto shop for the logbook service. However, there is one condition: the mechanics need to be qualified and strictly follow all manufacturers specifications. So, now we will discuss the benefits of using car mechanic services instead of going to the dealership for the logbook services.

Benefits Of Using Auto Shop Diff Car Service Epping

More affordable servicing

There is no doubt that when you take your car to the dealer for the logbook car service, the prices are going to be exorbitant. Also, it is a fact that there is no answer of why the prices of a logbook service are so much higher at the dealership. But it is an undeniable fact of life.

When you don’t have enough financial resources and every single penny counts, it is essential to have the service performed by the local auto shop for a reasonable price. The prices they offer are competitive, as they want to make their customer happy. So you always get to save money on your service if you shop locally.

Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

What is included in the logbook service? Well, a horde of procedures and essential inspection. Regular maintenance involves the upkeep of the parts of the car, such as tires, transmission, and much more. It requires significant time and kilometres to get adjusted and perform smoothly.

Logbook servicing assists in running your car at its optimum performance and saving money on car maintenance for a longer period of time. On the contrary, the effect of skipping the timely periodic and logbook service will eventually require in 2-3 years with signs of lower fuel efficiency and frequent escalations in repairs.

Better Resale Value

When you have a regular logbook service of your car, you get a full history of service and also higher resale value. It is a fact that when you have a proper regular service and maintenance record, the resale value will be certainly higher as the potential buyer is assured of a well-maintained car.

Where To Get Log Book Car Servicing?

There are two options either you can opt for an authorized service dealer or go for AmbarSariya Car Mechanic. There is a misconception prevailing among new car owners that the best way to maintain a warranty is to get their car serviced at the dealership. But this is not the case! You are free to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty from getting logbook service from anywhere you like. However, there are 3 essential requirements that it fulfils.

Perform The Servicing As Per The Manufactures Guidelines

At AmbarSariya Car Mechanic, our professional mechanics are highly skilled and trained. They execute all work in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

Proficient Technicians Needs To Perform The Log Book Car Service

At AmbarSariya Car Mechanic, all the work is done by trained and qualified mechanics. And they use high-quality parts only.

Our specialists always use the proper quality parts as needed. We are one of the leading car repair services providers. We can perform logbook services on all makes and models of cars.

Friendly Customer Service

Your neighborhood auto shop is typically a small operation, often a family-run business. There everyone is friendly and takes the time to explain everything to you in simple terms. Customer service is high on their priority list. So they go out of their way to ensure that you have a positive experience. And are happy with your logbook servicing and any subsequent repairs.

The owner of an independent auto shop typically has many years of experience. It is in servicing and repairing a wide variety of vehicles, and their diagnostic skills can be second to none. Often, the most experienced mechanics are the ones who start their own businesses. And these are the mechanics you want to work for you.


So, why not pull out your car service log book and double-check that you have not missed any of your scheduled services for your new car? Even better, make an appointment with AmbarSariya Car Mechanic, and you will be guaranteed a first-rate logbook car service.

When we perform logbook service in one of our Epping service centers, we always follow the service book. At the same time looking at any additional items that frequently fail on that vehicle. And any additional servicing required due to the type of driving, for instance, Towing.


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