Why Embrace Custom Rigid Packaging?

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Gone is the time when product manufacturers used to throw their goods in traditional mailboxes and call it a day.

The packaging you use to encase and ship your product is now more critical than ever, so put some thought into it when creating these boxes. WHY? Businesses only have one chance to make an indelible impression on new customers. So don’t mess up. Make the most of this excellent opportunity.

Making an everlasting brand experience is especially quite relevant for one of the most important consumer groups—millennials. According to the research, millennials make up about 25 percent of the American population. More importantly, they have a purchasing power of over $1.3 trillion. For this group of buyers, it is imperative to establish a connection with the brand when they are contemplating to buy from them.

Exquisite, unique packaging has the potential to sweep the customers off their shape as they make them feel special. It immensely improves your brand exposure through social sharing, which eventually pumps up your brand loyalty and sales.

Where to Begin?

You can begin this process by choosing the shipping box to package your items.

Product boxes come in a number f shapes, colors, sizes, and materials, but custom rigid packaging is one of the most popular choices. WHY? They are robust and affordable.

On top of it, you can customize them the way you like.

But it depends on whether you choose to go with the printed stock box or take a fully customized route. The best way out? Ask your packaging partner to suggest you the best packaging solution. But don’t forget to ask for a quick quote to ensure that it meets your budgeting criteria.

With custom rigid boxes, you can pick any shape, size, color, design, inserts, or dividers to make the unboxing experience memorable for prospective customers. To put it plainly, you will get exactly what you need. Best of all, you know you have crafted entirely unique wholesale rigid boxes for your brand.

When you design your custom rigid box packaging, make sure you make the most of the inner side of the packages as well. WHY? It’s a precious real estate that shouldn’t go to waste. Instead, use it to promote your brand and product. Or simply let your customers know how to use your product in a step-by-step process.

Custom Rigid Packaging Won’t Scorch your Budget

Sure, you have to spend a bit more to get custom rigid packaging than those pre-made boxes, but they won’t fizzle out your budget. Best of all, you will get the perfect packaging that will hug your products and keep them in optimal condition during transit and handling. This will save you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, that your brand otherwise have to absorb in the form of product damages and returns.

So don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks per custom rigid box packaging, as it will effectively protect and serve your business interests.

That said, you can offer your customers a stellar unboxing experience without exceeding your budget. For instance, you can use eco-friendly materials to manufacture your custom rigid boxes and print only on the outer side of the box, using a single shade.

Whichever route you choose to take, be sure to make an informed decision by researching your options and finding the right rigid box manufacturers USA. To have peace of mind, ask for a few packaging samples before placing the bulk order. Else, you may end up seeing an unpleasant surprise. To avoid this from happening, do your homework and get it right the first time.


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