Who will benefit from Student loan forgiveness by the Biden administration?

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It is estimated that approximately 45 million Americans collectively owe 1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt which is why student loan forgiveness Biden has come into effect . With free resources and tools like The College Money Report, families can now access full details on such costs. 


This includes what kind of colleges they can afford if they qualify for grants or scholarships and how much they would be expected to invest in their children’s bright futures. Ever since President Joe Biden came into office, he and his administration worked tirelessly towards the student loan forgiveness Biden scheme. 

When would student debts be cancelled?


On the campaign trail, President Biden recommended canceling federal student debt in the following instances:


If the citizen attends a public college/university. The ones who attend private historically Black colleges and universities and additionally minority-serving institutions would also be eligible.


If the student used the loan for undergraduate tuition, they are eligible for the student loan forgiveness Biden scheme. However, graduate tuition loans would not be canceled under Biden’s proposal.


If the citizens earn less than 125000 dollars a year. The Biden administration, however, referenced a phased out of this benefit without offering any further details.


The student loan forgiveness Biden scheme is also applicable for public service. The administration worked out a new student loan forgiveness program for borrowers who provide public service.

Primary motives behind Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme 


Federal loan borrowers who refinanced with a private provider are ineligible for the student loan forgiveness Biden plan. While many of them likely received better repayment interest rates through private servicers, they would, unfortunately, miss out on any debt cancellation of their own.


Any student who has currently paid off their federal student loans is unlikely to see a retroactive payment through the potential upcoming legislation. However, those who have taken out federal loans but haven’t graduated yet would see relief.


These proposals have no effect on borrowers of private student loans. However, the Biden administration supports the discharge of private student debt to bankruptcy easier. Moreover, up to $50,000 worth of student loans would be waived off. 


The student loan forgiveness Biden  plan further grants $10,000 of your debt to be automatically canceled for per year that you are eligible for up to five years.


It wouldn’t substitute Public Service Loan Forgiveness, whose target demography is government workers, teachers, as well as other nonprofit employees, requiring borrowers to make 120 eligible payments for their remaining balance to be forgiven.


Biden would restructure PSLF. Biden proposes additional federal loans and repayment options in the PSLF. Half of a person’s balance would be forgiven after five years, keeping in mind that roughly 98% of PSLF applications have been rejected to date, per data recorded by the Department of Education.

Criticism followed by Biden’s decision on student loan 


President Biden did face heavy criticism for not forgiving student loans taken for private colleges. Micheal Stratford tweeted, saying that Biden completely rejected SchumerWarren’s proposal to cancel 50 thousand dollars of student loan debt per borrower. President Biden, in a statement, said that he would not make that happen.  


He would not forgive borrowers’ debts from elite schools, and money would be better spent on early childhood education. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter and pointed out her disappointment in the government’s decision. She stated that it does not matter which school someone went to because the entire generation of working-class kids was encouraged to go into more debt under the guise of elitism. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also pointed out how this was wrong. She defended the middle class saying nowhere does it say that the middle class must trade-off early childhood education for student loan forgiveness and how the government should be working towards doing both. She also stated in a next tweet about how the government can do better and must keep pushing. 


The case against student loan forgiveness was looking shakier by the day, according to her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed fingers at the Senate Majority Leader on board to forgive 50 thousand dollar loans. She also accused President Biden of holding back, “but many of the arguments against it just don’t hold water on close inspection.” 


She believes that the government and the American citizens can do better and must work towards doing so. She ended the tweets with the words, “Keep pushing!”

Bottom Line 


Although no official plan has been brought into effect, student loan forgiveness Biden is said to benefit most student loan borrowers, roughly 67%. Under Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed 50000 dollars debt cancelation, 36 million student borrowers would see their loan debt erased as a part of the student loan forgiveness Biden concept. 



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