Who Is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

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An Amazon VA or Virtual Assistant is someone who specializes in providing support for your Amazon business online. They can work for you on a temporarily, part-time or full-time or by signing a contract on terms agreeable to both parties. 


Amazon virtual assistants may choose to work as freelancers. You can pay them an hourly basis or at a per-job rate. They help manage tasks related to your Amazon Store that would otherwise take a lot of time. They free up your tied time required in micromanaging tasks and help you become productive. 


VAs are multitalented, honing many skills that would take a business owner a lot of time to master. Examples of such skills include Adobe Photoshop, listing translation to a different language, copywriting, and SEO among others. 


When you can utilize each hour of your time in a more productive way instead of doing redundant Amazon store management tasks, you can consider hiring a VA. A virtual assistant frees up your time to focus on more pressing needs of your business. 


Well, when your Amazon FBA business is not taking off the way you expect, it is time to hire professional Amazon virtual assistants. Initially, you may find it a bit challenging to delegate your tasks, it does help you free up time. 


You need to find someone who is an excellent communicator and an honest person. They strictly comply with your instructions and leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the assigned tasks. 


Letting someone expert at Amazon store management do the work also takes off a lot of pressure to let you focus on the big picture. Spare time means you can envision further business expansion. 


<h2>When Do You Need an Amazon Virtual Assistant? 

Well, this is something that you need to ask yourself as a business owner, before you think of hiring AMZ virtual assistants. When you hire a VA or virtual assistant, they surely do take your work load. 


So, this time off will let you focus on growing your Amazon FBA business or spend more time with your family or something mentally or financially rewarding. 


Here are a few scenarios when you may like to hire a professional Amazon virtual assistant


<h3>When A Lot of Time is Wasted on Redundant Tasks 

When you realize that you are spending too much of your time on repetitive tasks few months in a row. Availability of extra time can be used to make your business process more efficient. You can also use this time to contact new manufacturers or suppliers on Alibaba for outsourcing high quality products at lower prices. Save a ton of time by focusing on what matters the most and hand over the daily chores to the AMZ VAs. 


<h3>When You Are Struggling to Make Time for What’s Strategic and Not Day to Day Task Management 

There may come a time when you think that the tasks of managing your Amazon store are too much for you to handle. You are finding it hard to complete all the work on time and at the end of the day, you do have not achieved much.  

This is a typical scenario in which the AMZ store owners like to consider outsourcing their tasks to someone else. They start focusing on the things that can grow their business exponential and get out of the loop of micromanagement. 


<h2>How Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Help? 

Given below is a list of the tasks a typical Amazon virtual assistant performs but there can be things you can ask them to do, not mentioned here. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to what you can or cannot delegate to your Amazon store manager. 


When you delegate a few of your key tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you can focus on setting the agenda for your business growth. Extra time also gives you the freedom for yourself to spend some quality time with friends and family members. 


Keep in mind that you have to be careful when delegating tasks to your Amazon virtual assistants. 


Here are some of the ways Amazon virtual assistants can help an Amazon FBA business owner. 

  • <h3>Taking Care of the Customers 

Success in Amazon FBA business depends a lot on how you manage customer service expectations. It means answering questions on Amazon, taking care of the feedback and handling any other service issues via email. This is a 24/7 job and if you are not delegating it to an Amazon virtual assistant, you have to spend a lot of time trying to perfect it. 

  • <h3>SEO / Keyword Optimizing Your Amazon Listings 

Amazon listing optimization or doing the SEO of the Amazon product listings is an evolving job. It used to be the A9 algorithm by Amazon and now A10, who knows till when it ends or goes to A(N) where N is the number of revisions or tweaks to their algorithms. 


You will find a lot of discussions on FBA owners’ forums on how to perfectly optimize your Amazon product listing. However, the changes happen at such a rapid pace that you may not be able to keep pace with them. Imagine if you have multiple products, consider the amount of work you have to put in just to make sure that your Amazon product listings are fully optimized. 


An Amazon virtual assistant keeps track of your product listings. An Amazon virtual assistant will immediately notice and notify you when the inventory is stalling, it needs to be sold off and if there is a sudden drop in the revenues for any particular item. Or if your Amazon product listing needs to have a revised image or text. 


AMZ virtual assistants are expert at extracting highly relevant keywords with expertise in using advanced Amazon keyword finding tools like Helium 10’s Magnet to help you improve your Amazon listings. However, such research needs a lot of time and patience. VAs have spent years doing keyword research and can help you save a lot of time by doing these tasks in the most proficient manner possible.

  • <h3>Effective Social Media Presence for Your Amazon Product’s Brand 

Amazon virtual assistants are also well versed with the use of social media and can help you post, respond to feedback and messages, or help you in setting up your social media advertising/marketing campaigns. Expert Amazon virtual assistants focus on insights, reports, and help you outsmart your competitors. 

  • <h3>What About the Graphics, Images & Products Rendering in 3D? 

Pictures form an integral part of the overall Amazon experience and the products you are trying to sell. Better quality photos add to the performance of a listing on Amazon. Just taking a photo with your cellphone and wishing that it is best won’t help. Outsource AMZ product photography to a virtual assistant who can frame your product to present to customers as great value for their money. 

  • <h3>Hunting New Amazon Products and Sourcing from Abroad 

An Amazon virtual assistant hunts or discovers new products at the lowest possible cost. They help you launch and promote the product on Amazon. It takes years of experience finding the best product online and there are number of tools that you can use. 


An Amazon VA will negotiate with the suppliers or vendors in China or any other part of the world to get you the best quality at the lowest possible cost. Hire someone who has a background in the discipline of product hunting.


<h2>Tips for Training an Amazon Virtual Assistant 

You can give step by step instructions to your Amazon virtual assistant or help them learn the basics of becoming a top Amazon virtual assistant. Provide your Amazon virtual assistant with the training to according to your specific job requirements. If you train your VA properly, it saves you from a lot of headaches later.


Provide training to your VA on overall Amazon store management. This training may include the use of audio or video. Also, use information packets or brochures for your clients to send to your Amazon virtual assistant. FAQs or frequently asked questions’ answers help them overcome the most common recurring misconceptions. They can use the FAQs as a reference guide to check the tasks they are doing. 


When you are planning to train your VAs for Amazon store management, you can use access materials to reduce the amount of time required to train them. There are many free tools like Screenflow and Camtasia that you can use to record your screens and engage them via a webcam. 


There are many tools available to effectively communicate with your staff members like YouTube, Zendesk, and Shopify besides tutorials and videos. You can also use different skills tutorials and mobile phone applications to save yourself time. 


Other ways to communicate including attachments, links, and screenshots using Dropbox or Google Drive. Try adding steps so that it becomes easy for your Amazon virtual assistant trainees to follow along the training materials and can also use them for future reference. 


<h2>Finding the Best Amazon Virtual Assistants for FBA 

Many places online provide you with the best Amazon virtual assistant. There are agencies specializing in Amazon virtual assistant services to help you manage your Amazon store day to day management tasks. Agencies for hiring Amazon virtual assistants charge you a fee.


<h2>Tips to Finding Best Amazon Virtual Assistants 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are hiring professional virtual assistants to manage your Amazon store. 


<h3>Delegate Tasks You Want Them to Do

Make sure that you have hired certified Amazon virtual assistants and know upfront the kind of Amazon FBA work you would like to delegate to them. Evaluate if they are qualified to fulfill their responsibilities. Don’t fall for this typical mistake made by Amazon store owners when recruiting a VA, not full evaluating capabilities of a VA. Some store owners hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant who is clearly not equipped with the skills to do their job properly. 


<h3>Hiring from Pakistan 

In case you are wondering what is the best place or country to hire the top yet affordable Amazon virtual assistant services, before it was Philippines, now it is Pakistan. Many companies are setting up training shops to train a fresh and new breed of Amazon virtual assistant services in Pakistan providing services to some of the leading Amazon stores in the world. 


<h3>Hiring Remotely from any part of the World!

You can also consider hiring from Upwork.com or Fiverr.com, as they offer good freelancing. Upwork is considered one of the best when it comes to getting one time tasks done by freelancers. Upwork also provides you with long term workers to help you manage your business. Upwork is free to sign up and search for freelancers. You will need to pay for the Amazon virtual assistant services that you get from Upwork. Also, Upwork provides you with the option of hiring full-time Amazon virtual assistants. 


<h3>The Hiring Process of an Amazon Virtual Assistant for Your Amazon Store Management

When it comes to the FBA business, virtual assistants make an essential part of it and have access to the insider information to help your business function better. Therefore, it is important that you look hard for Amazon FBA freelancers and companies that understand your requirements and can work with you. 



An Amazon virtual assistant definitely helps you save a tone of time and also accelerates things for you like scaling your business and venturing into new niches. Thus, VAs enable you to focus on what matters and handle the duties that are otherwise very tiring and take a lot of your time. Plan ahead and set your expectations right from your Amazon virtual assistant before you hire one for your Amazon store. 

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