Who Are The Top Tech Bloggers In India You Must Know?

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Blogging get as writing for the extreme type of sports for the athletics as per free form. Do you have a great passion for following up on tech blogs India for marketing? Are you always in consideration for looking for a new type of tech update? For getting all types of technology buff, one can compliment the definitive list from top tech blogs in India.

Here side you can make an overview of things as mentioned in this blog.

Harsh Agrawal Harsh Agrawal help one to originate the blog tagged as Shoutmeloud. He has the profession of the engineer for making his education and blogging from the profession. It has priority for turning to an expert blogger. It can take down with Convergys for people. Best tech blogs in India for making the joining of Accenture.

He decides to become the own boss by starting to write the new blog for full-time people. It has passed out great enthusiasm techniques under the shoutmeloud. He has written many of the topics on technology blogs in India for blogging tips. Also, it has wordpress, web tools, SEO and lots more.

  • Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal gets as an IIT graduate who has quit things with a corporation with jobs for becoming a full-time professional blogger. He has passed out an engineering degree from computer science with IIT. Therefore he has gathered up great knowledge to write tech blogs in India with enhanced skills.

It has already worked at the level of ADP Inc. one can also check for the authors as digital inspiration as per winning the award. One can also write columns with the publication of top tech blogs in India. It mainly involves the following things:

  • The wall street journal India
  • The financial express
  • CNBC TV18
  • Outlook Magazine
  • The Hindustan Times


  • Ashish Sinha

He has written the blogs on nextbigwhat. He has made graduation with the following of IIT Roorkee and IIM from Banglore. It has great working from companies like Yahoo, I2 Technologies, IBM and more. Here side one can make the focus on product management structures.

He has focused on his love for technology, which has led to the inception of the blog. Later, one can become a community for further discussion of technology startups and ecosystems. Tech blogs India has many reviews for tips and tricks hacks for further updates and blogs that touches everything.

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

Abhijeet Mukherjee recognizes as founder and editor for the Guiding of Tech networks. Building tech posts makes a highly relevant how-to article, guides and reviews for the operating system and software for the apps online.

One can check the system which would normally come up with technology blogs India for people. It has made the publishing of about online full time since 2008. It has made things visiting for 2 million visitors for about the month. It has made diversification of niche media properties.


One can check for different things as per tech blogs in India. All these get down with great details for people.


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