Which are the best regarded Japanese high schools?

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Japan is a first world country and among the top three economies of the world. Japanese companies and brands are household names all over the world. Their cultural influence on the world too has been immense. What is unique about Japan is that despite being an Asian country they have played a major role on the world stage since the nineteenth century. Their importance in the world is undisputed, even though the Japanese don’t make a huge noise about their abilities and achievements.

People from all over the world come to work and live in Japan and learn from its people and culture. The children of expats who live in Japan are privileged to receive an education in Japanese schools that are some of the best in the world.

1. Global Indian International School Tokyo

This is an international school which is quite a favorite with the expat Indian community, besides many others. It offers both the premier Indian CBSE curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate program. The infrastructure and facilities provided in this school are absolutely world class.If you want your children to develop, learn and grow into an all rounder then you should definitely check out this school. 

2. Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School

This school is also known as Kokusai Koko and has the unique distinction of being the most sought after school out of all the public international high schools in Japan. You can read about this school on its all English website. This school lays a great amount of stress on learning languages and that is reflected in the number of language classes it offers.

These include German, Spanish, French and so on. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with the medium of instruction being English. It also helps foreign students undertake special Japanese courses and makes them undergo classes like science, math and languages depending upon their language proficiency. This truly is an international school with students from all across the world.

3. Tokyo Metropolitan Fuch Nichi High School

Located in west Tokyo, this school is known to be quite an orderly and organized one. This is evident in the fact that it has small classes that take in students based on their aptitude and teaches the students with the help of communication technology. The focus is on information technology in the first year and humanities and science in the second year. As regards their fees these are in line with the Tokyo International school fees standards and norms as they prevail in the country.

4. Tokyo Metropolitan Asuka High School

Asuka High School is unique in that it has more teachers than any other school, allowing it the luxury of having smaller classes divided on the basis of students’ proficiency in English, Japanese and mathematics. It offers two principal learning paths, namely international culture and art and life studies. The school is known for its international exchange program that includes a study trip to Australia in the second year.  The school is known to accept 20 foreign residents in April and 3 in September out of 130 new admissions.

5. Tokyo Metropolitan Minami Katsushika High School

This school inducts 15 non Japanese students in April and 3 in the September admission sessions. It is known to have small classes accommodating 20 to 30 students. The students for the mathematics and English classes are picked according to their abilities.

6. Tokyo Metropolitan Tagara High School

This is another Japanese high school that is much sought after by foreign students. It is known to take in 20 overseas students in the month of April every year. Six of these are given admission into the general education course and fourteen into the foreign culture course. 

It is also known to take one extra non Japanese student into the general course and two of them into the goreign culture course. The school is known to teach Japanese culture and traditions in the third year.

7. Tokyo Metropolitan Takanodai High School

This much in demand Tokyo high school is open to accepting 15 foregin students into the general education course in April and another 3 in September. That apart, the school conducts voluntary extra classes after school on Saturday as well as during vacation.


We see that there are a number of mainstream Japanese high schools that are open to taking in foreign students and providing them a genuine Japanese school education. These schools are quite popular amongst both Japanese as well as foreign students on account of their high standards of education. If somebody wants to experience the Japanese education system that produces such brilliant scientists, engineers, and researchers, these are the schools that one should consider. They are the crucible in which the Japanese people train their young to be world beaters. 


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