Where To Find All LED Commercial Light Fixtures

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It has become very apparent that LED lighting is the newest, most innovative, and overall better choice for lighting fixtures. The big switch from traditional lighting sources to LED lighting is prevalent across many different industries such as residential and commercial. There are many different reasons why a business or a homeowner would want to switch to strictly LED lighting.

For one, compared to the more common incandescent light bulb, LED light bulbs have an incredibly high energy efficiency rate and lasting power than any other source of light that is widely available.

The innovative technology that makes up an LED light has the ability to change the future of electricity usage in the United States over the course of the next few years. This change in the U.S’s electricity habits usually need to start with commercial usage, considering that lighting sources are used much more frequently compared to residential usage.

This means that in order for companies to be a part of that positive change and eventually cut down on their own electricity bill, they need to make the ultimate switch to LED lighting.

Fortunately, it is easier and more convenient than ever for bigger corporations that utilize warehouses, office spaces, restaurants, or any big space that requires a lot of lighting to obtain these LED commercial light fixtures.

Considering that LED lighting is a highly versatile and multi-functional source of light, there are infinite amounts of ways for this type of light source to be applied to specific fixtures that meet the criteria for any design.

Different Types of Light Fixtures

Each of these light fixtures serves a certain purpose and can be used in a number of different ways and also in different settings. Although they are different in design and features, the LEDs’ effectiveness and versatility make it so they can be utilized in different spaces.

1. Emergency Exits – These types of light fixtures are used in almost every public space imaginable. For commercial purposes, you can find these light fixtures in hotels, office spaces, restaurants, and even parking lots and garages. Most emergency lighting is illuminated from LEDs because specific LED bulbs can apply certain colors like red.

2. LED Panel Lights – Panel lights are a great way to illuminate across bigger areas and spaces. These types of LED fixtures are typically used in office settings or warehouses due to the surface area these panels can cover. By installing LED bulbs into these panels, it reduces the need for constant maintenance and bulb replacement.

3. LED Recessed Lights – This type of light fixtures are used in commercial spaces such as offices and even restaurants. Their specific designs require the LED lights to be placed in a hollow opening in a ceiling, allowing the light to be directed downward, almost acting as an indirect spotlight.

4. LED High Bay Lights – Similar to the LED panel lights, this type of fixture can be utilized specifically for warehouses. The LED bulbs can reach a farther distance and illuminate bigger areas than most other light fixtures. These are often found in large retail stores, as well.

Where to Find These Light Fixtures

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