When Should You See A Doctor For Your Problem?

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It is not uncommon for men to experience low sex drive at some point in their lives, however, if this is a routine condition, then the implications can be a little more pressing. Stress and daily tensions can make anyone feel demotivated and have an effect on their sexual life. Mental health is a very valid criterion for our overall health to be considered as good, and sometimes, when certain physical aspects of our health cannot be explained, it is usually because of an underlying mental health issue that is the root for this. Sildenafil 100 mg and other medicines can cure this condition but only if it is coupled with counseling. 


Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages, and it is a treatable condition provided you go for therapy on time. Therapy covers both psychological counseling, as well as treatment using medicines. If you do not want to consider surgery or implants, you can choose to go for oral medications such as Sildenafil 100 mg. This drug is the first ED pill that was introduced in the market and it has not disappointed to date. 


We will briefly discuss the therapy options for treating erectile dysfunction. Please remember, this is a very common condition and it affects many men around the world. It can be treated easily using a myriad of available resources. 


What are the symptoms of ED? 


If you feel stressed when you are engaging in coitus, or you are unable to maintain your erection for long enough, or if you climax earlier than usual, this can indicate that you have erectile dysfunction. The most common symptom is not being able to get an erection that is firm and lasts long enough for the sexual activity to end. 


Here, it is important to mention that ED is not the same as impotence or premature ejaculation. A lot of people tend to not understand the difference between these disorders. These are very different and they have their own prescribed treatments. A lot of people take ED pills such as Sildenafil 100 mg simply to experience a prolonged erection. This is a very harmful practice and can result in dangerous complications. ED pills should only be taken to treat ED. 


If you have been experiencing any of this routinely for a while, you may be suffering from ED. In this case, you are advised to schedule an appointment with the doctor, who can conduct a few tests to determine the source of your problem. Please remember that ED pills like Sildenafil 100 mg are prescription medicines and you cannot get them without the recommendation of a doctor. 


What should you expect at the appointment?


A doctor will conduct a series of tests that will cover your health history, both mental, physical, and sexual. The doctor will ask questions about your problem and then recommend certain tests, the results of which will show for sure if you suffer from ED, and these questions can include

  •         Since when have you noticed the symptoms?
  •         What is the frequency at which you have been getting intimate with your partner before this?
  •         What are your eating habits?
  •         What does your work schedule look like?
  •         How often do you masturbate, if you do?
  •         Have you undergone any surgeries recently?
  •         Have you undergone any radiation treatments recently?
  •         Are you addicted to smoking, drinking, or drugs in any way?

     You may be asked if you have ever taken pills like Sildenafil 100 mg before because a lot of times these pills are used to experience a longer erection, and can lead to complications. 

      These questions will cover your basic lifestyle and help the doctor understand the reasons behind your problems. After this, a physical exam can also be conducted to determine the condition. You may be asked to:

  •         Touch your genital area to see if you feel anything. This is to determine if your nerves are working properly.
  •         Check the appearance of the genital area to ensure that there are no conditions that can deform the penis.
  •         Check for extra body hair or enlargement of breasts, to understand if hormones are affecting and causing the problem.

Once your diagnosis is done, remember to ask your doctor for his/her input on the treatment options. Sildenafil 100 mg is a valid and mostly safe ED pill, but only your doctor can prescribe it. 

What is Sildenafil 100 mg?


This ED pill is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories India and is also known as the blue pill, as this medication contains Sildenafil citrate. the mechanism of the active ingredient is what makes it effective against erectile dysfunction. 


How does this drug work?


Sildenafil 100mg is a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, which works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, which, in turn, allows for better circulation and thus, leads to increased blood flow to the penis under sexual stimulation, which helps in maintaining a firmer and harder erection for a longer time. 


Sildenafil 100mg should be swallowed as a whole rather than chewing, crushing, or breaking it. It should be remembered that this medicine will show effect only under sexual stimulation, so it should be consumed at least 30-60 minutes before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, and should not be taken more than once a day under any circumstance. 


Some of the common side effects of Sildenafil 100 mg include:


  • ·          Dizziness
  • ·          Fatigue
  • ·          Weakness
  • ·          Chest pain
  • ·          Back pain
  • ·          Nausea and vomiting
  • ·          Painful and bloody urination
  • ·          Painful erections
  • ·          Indigestion
  • ·          Photosensitivity
  • ·          Soreness

These are very rare and mostly do not affect people very much, but in case you notice that they persist for too long, please talk to your doctor. 


ED is not insurmountable, it can easily be treated with a number of options. Sildenafil 100 mg has proven itself to be safe for use and can be trusted if it is recommended by a doctor. This medicine can be bought from any local or online pharmacy. 


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