When is the ideal time for using a Managed Hosting?

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Managed web hosting creates a safe and managed server platform for improving your business performance. In contrast, dedicated hosting is the type of service that lets a particular server just one particular business client. The foremost difference between the two is that managed web server functions on pre-configured is it controls the complete settings.

On the other hand, cloud hosting operates when customers need access to the hosting resources on the internet instead of close control. Navicosoft offers you the finest deal with great flexibility and memory space proficient enough to function by using a managed hosting networks. Most managed structures and configurations are fully managed across the servers for best business enhancement!

Using a Managed Hosting to Improve Your Presence In The E-Commerce Space!

Managed web server is mainly referred to as a web hosting services in Melbourne that involves setting up, maintaining, securing, monitoring, and patching up the web hosting servers. Hosting providers own the servers; therefore, it hosts only one virtual server across the network instead of hosting numerous websites.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers server lease many opportunities. A single customer manages a server provided by a hosting provider. Thus, managed web server offers more flexibility to host your website rather than a shared hosting service.

Therefore you will have full control over the server selection by picking the top operating system and hardware which maintains the unique business system. Hence, by opting for a web hosting network instead of using a managed hosting, you will not get access to major servers. But Navicosoft offers you the best web hosting in Melbourne to effectively handle any server issue.

With multiple service providers for enhanced business performance, the managed server maintains pre-installed plans. It helps to support server features for offering the best services to the consumers. Moreover, with such managed web server functions, Navicosoft offering web hosting in Australia. Therefore, you can practice better cost optimization to maximize profits.

Distinguishable Features Of Managed Hosting To Expand E-Commerce Businesses:

  • Reduction in total cost ownership (TCO) for modification involving business risk and improvements in security management functions.
  • Managed web server decreases the additional costs accompanying training security engineers.
  • Managed web server emphasizes particularly on the core business by allocating security tasks to the professionals.
  • Managed web server services allow faster execution of the security policies by remotely providing the preeminent configuration management across the business verticals.
  • Managed hosting services apply optimized security policies for providing maximum web hosting security against malware attacks.
  • Managed web server services use extremely effective and fast response systems for controlling security-related problems, which ensures minimum loss, especially in malware attacks.
  • Managed hosting services provide a 24/7 secure system for offering superior organizational control structures so that you don’t have to set up costly infrastructural systems.
  • Managed web server enhances feasibility by providing an industry-driven tactic, so businesses can have the best data processing system for handling their data according to the business demands.
  • Managed services allow businesses to build secure remote access by managing networks across several virtual servers and data spaces.

The versatility of Using a Managed Hosting Server:

Navicosoft uses industry-leading web hosting software to ensure that your website works fast. We make sure to provide 99.9% uptime to our customers. No doubt, we are experts at providing the most reliable web hosting in Australia.

Navicosoft provides you with a managed server according to your business expectations. We implement a proactive approach to managing your business process. We provide abundant support features to protect you against threats or unexpected events through a managed server hosting approach.


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