Moonroof vs Sunroof – What’s the Big Difference?

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Is there a difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? Most use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two roofing. Both are panels on the roof of a car that let light or fresh air into the car’s cabin. For cars with a moonroof, we can see out when the roof is closed, but when we use a sunroof when it is closed, it is not possible to see outside.

What is Sunroof

A sunroof is a completely opaque sheet of metal that slides out to reveal the open sky. When it is closed you cannot see through and no light comes in. There is no weather protection when open. Drivers could open it or remove it entirely. However, a movable, opaque sunroof is no longer widely sold on vehicles.

What Is Moonroof

The moonroof is a comparatively new design, around 50 years old when you stack it with the centuries-old history of a sunroof. The same outdoor comfort is available on request, but the glass allows a view even when the sunroof is closed. The sunroof is a window; The sunroof is a door. Due to the ability to let additional light into the cab while avoiding wind, rain, or cold temperatures, the sunroof design eventually replaced the traditional metal sunroof design.

Moonroof vs Sunroof

The big difference between the sunroof and the moonroof is that the moonroof uses glass for the roofing. But Sunroof uses metal instead of glass. And when you open the roof, both work the same. But if we both close on the sunroof, we cannot see outside and on the sunroof, we can enjoy the view of the sky or everything outside the car.

Types of Moonroof and Sunroof

There are many Moonroof and sunroofs available in the automobile industry. We are discussing a few of them.

  • Pop-up Sunroof

The pop-up roof is the cheapest of all the moonroof constructions. The roof panel is opened and closed manually with a lever valve, although older models may have a rotary mechanism and it tilts slightly to vent air into the passenger compartment of the car.

  • Panoramic Sunroof

This style is becoming more and more common in newer car models. Cars with panoramic sunroof have several panes of glass that cover a large part of the entire roof, with the possibility of opening the pane further forward. Most vehicle manufacturers offer sunroofs as standard equipment, which they do at the time of vehicle assembly. 

  • Built-in Moonroof

In appearance, these have an old-fashioned design and are traditionally known as European sunroof wagons. You can open the stern for ventilation, slide the glass all the way into the roof frame, or sometimes even remove the glass entirely for maximum open-air sailing.

  • Fold-able Type

Look-wise, these have old style design and are traditionally known as European type sunroofs, which are made up of rich quality fabric and open wider than any glass sunroof, thus making the overall experience much pleasurable and close to driving a convertible car.

Final Thought 

To most buyers, a sunroof and a moonroof appear to be the same. If the price is important to you, choose a removable sunroof. Sunroofs and motorized sunroofs are more expensive to install. Sunroofs also usually open your vehicle’s roof completely, rather than just one section.


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