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It’s a piece of cake to send a parcel to Germany from the UK, by WPS. Parcels can be delivered in just 2 working days and you can either book a courier to come and collect, or you can Drop them Off at a WPS pickup shop. WPA is ideal if you have things that need to reach your loved ones quickly. Parcel From WPS also offers some fantastic deals for further savings when sending parcels abroad such as 16% off all Europe-wide shipments over 3kg during peak periods and even cheaper prices for additional kg’s!

WPS will provide you with information relating to charges per parcel as well as any additional items if applicable for your chosen country of destination.

Shipping Foodstuff?

Parcels containing foodstuffs should not be sent from the UK, and Parcel From WPS offers a range of specialized services such as perishable products that are frozen or chilled. Parcel Containing Hazardous materials cannot be transported via air freight cannot be sent outside of the UK, WPS will not accept Parcels containing this type of material for shipment.

Delivery times can vary depending on where you are sending WPS, Parcel From WPS offers additional information relating to the time it takes for Parcels to be delivered via WPS. WPS cannot deliver items requiring special handling or documentation directly with a recipient in Germany, and Parcel From WPS offers services that are more suitable for these types of Parcels.

This means absolutely no Parcelare tagged with incorrect weights and WPS can also offer Parcel From WPS’s Parcel Shipping label service free of charge on any Parcels that meet WPS requirements.

Parcel From WPS offers specialized services such as Express Parcel Only, eParcel, Parcel On Board, and many more!

Items Not Accepted

If you have any further questions about which Parcel Cannot be sent via this method please contact Parcel From WPS directly.

Parcel to Germany from the UK can take 2 days Parcel From WPS, WPS offer Parcels to Germany via Parcel Collect a Parcel From Go Pickup Parcel Stations.

If your parcel requires a signature upon delivery please ensure you inform the Parcel From Parcel Station agent.

WPS is currently available in all areas of Germany and most cities have a Parcel pickup point nearby. Parcel From WPS offers specialized services such as eParcel, Express Parcel Only, and many more

We’ve covered shipping parcels to other European countries before, but now it’s time for us to turn our eyes towards Germany. Because of the size and importance of its economy within Europe, Germany is a popular destination for businesses and individuals sending parcels from the U.K..

As much as we might not like to admit it, however, German consumers do love their British goods and will happily import even the oddest things… including a good old-fashioned English cup of tea!

How WPS Can Send Parcels From The UK To Germany

WPS is parcel delivery specialist based in the UK. Our team has been working with WPS Worldwide since 2002, which means that we have built up an excellent relationship with WPS and are their official partners for cross-channel delivery services. This means that WPS can take advantage of WPS’s network in order to get your parcel from the U.K. to Germany as quickly, easily and efficiently as possible.

The Price Of Parcels To Germany From The UK

The price of sending a parcel to Germany will vary depending on several factors: size, weight, distance and whether you choose Standard Delivery (no guaranteed date) for Speed Delivery (guaranteed time on next working day). The quickest way to find out how much it’ll cost is simply by comparing WPS’s easy-to-use quote calculator; just enter your address details and WPS will instantly give you a range of prices depending on your particular address.

Let WPS Deliver To Germany From The UK For You

With WPS, you can book the delivery of parcels to Germany in under 5 minutes and we’ll take all the hassle out of it for you… which is why WPS are so popular! Just enter your details into our quote calculator and we’ll find you the best price based on WPS’s rates. Then all that’s left to do is pay online and if you’re not sure about exactly how WPS work then doesn’t worry – WPS has excellent customer support who can help with any queries or concerns that you may have.


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