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Domain Name is a perfect way to have a distinct identity among the billions of websites present on the internet. Interestingly whether it’s the old days or the contemporary era, there is something special about the .com domain. Besides, many individuals prefer to purchase the cheap .com domain name for their business.


Wondering why the cheap .com domain remains a hot topic in the domain world?

Well! We have listed out the related facts about this popularity.


General Top Level Domain 

“com” is the shortened form of commercial.

.com domain is a gTLD standing for “General Top Level Domain.” Generally, there are 150+ gTLDs. However, the noteworthy part is that this domain extension is the most famous one among all gTLDs.


Worldly Famous 

Now for being a gTLD, the .com domain is worldwide recognized. While browsing through the World Wide Web, you will/ have encountered a considerable number of websites with .com present in their website URL.


As we mention above too that every website opts to choose it for the online business. However, what mostly happens is that the desired domain name is already taken by a business, website, or an individual due to its worldwide popularity.


No location restrictions 

Another interesting fact that is special about the .com domain is that any website owner can purchase a .com domain relative to his particular niche no matter the country the business in.

In short, it does not tie your website to a specific location.


The business with a diverse customer base and business dealing in more than one location .com domain equally and efficiently lives up to the website.


Easily Memorable 

With the advent of the newer top-level and second-level domains, you have plenty of choices. But many of them are difficult to remember. However, the .com domain isn’t that hard to not remember.


Besides, you can easily get founded by the internet visitors and target audience.

This is not a comprehensive list as the benefits alone need a broader space to jot them down. You have come to the facts that are special about the .com domain. Now:


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