What your shoulders MUST do in your golf swing?

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, without a doubt. Both professional athletes and amateur golfers are always looking for ways to improve their games. Using the movement of the hips and shoulders might seem easy, but it could be more complicated than it looks. Different trainers have different opinions on the best methods to improve one’s golf swing technique. If you are looking for indoor golf events NYC, you are probably interested in learning the best ways of practicing this sport. Take a look at the following article to find out what your shoulders must do in your golf swing.

Shoulders techniques that will affect your golf training

  • Backswing

When practicing the backswing, it’s important to align your hips and shoulders to your aim line. If they are in the same direction, your golf swing will be more precise. During this movement, shoulders should move first and hips should follow. While practicing the backswing, the player should try to avoid any tension in the muscles in order to achieve precision.

  • Downswing

Practicing the downswing is somewhat different. During this movement, the hips should move first and shoulders – second. In other words, one’s hips should lead the movement and “pull” the shoulders to follow. Once the player makes the swing, the hips will continue moving while the shoulders should stop.

What your shoulders must do in your golf swing?

Shoulders play a key role in golf training. Both professional and amateur gold players know how important the shoulder’s movement is in this sport. Correct positioning of your shoulders will affect the precision of the swing and the overall game result. It also helps the player keep sold contact with the ball. Take a look at some of the most important movements of your shoulders for the improvement of your golf swing:

  • Your shoulders have to turn in the opposite direction than hips. In order to swing the ball, hips and shoulders should not be parallel, since the player is bent in the hips.
  • It’s important to be able to move shoulders freely. The one thing your shoulders must do in your golf swing is to rotate parallel with the swing. For example, during a backswing, you should pay attention to the angle of your arms. If your shoulders are not rotating in the same direction, you will lose the right angle of the swing. Arms should not be connected with the shoulder turn, which is why it’s important to have a free and flexible rotation of the shoulders. Without this movement, you will lose control over the swing.
  • Keep your shoulders in a square position, instead of opening and closing them. Having a steady position will help you focus on the precision of the golf swing. There is an easy workout to manage this steady position. Try holding your golf club while maintaining the square position in the shoulders. Then try moving your club forth and back, as well as from one side to the other.
  • Your posture allows you to keep your shoulders in the right position. While practicing the game, you should pay attention to your overall body positioning. Without the right posture, your shoulders might “lose their orientation” and disconnect with the swing. In order for your shoulders to affect a precise swing, every part of your body should work together.

The importance of right shoulder rotation in the golf

The use of shoulder movement in the golf game is greater than one might think. Most professional golf players know how important it is to work on the shoulder technique and synchronize them with the rest of the body. The overall success of the golf swing precision will depend on many factors. However, shoulders will most likely be the determining factor in creating stability and steadiness of the movement.

More often than not, even professional golfers diminish the significance of these exercises. Some of the things that they are doing it the right way, without overthinking their technique too much. In order to achieve the best results in golf, having a professional instructor by your side will be a must. Bad shoulder movement will not only affect the results of the game, but it will also make you lose energy while training. Flexibility, great posture, and the right technique are just some of the factors a golf player should focus on. Moreover, some of the things that shoulders must do in your golf swing will eliminate inconsistencies in the swing technique. In other words, pay attention to how your shoulders move during a golf game and you will enhance your technique for sure!

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