What to consider before buying a Used Domain?

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Sometimes the domain names are an exact match with the business. Therefore, individuals want to buy them at all costs; it does not matter even if it’s used. It is good that you want a great domain that portrays the business story at best however you must conduct a meticulous check before buying a used domain.

You might be wondering why to make a great deal out of a simple purchasing process.

Let us tell you should scrutinize because the domain might have been used

  • In malicious activities like DDoS attacks.
  • Violating copyrights/ trademarks.
  • Distributing spam/ malware.

You definitely don’t want to buy such a name!

So what is there to keep track of in a previously owned Domain name?

Don’t know?

Let us walk you through the details.

Critical facets to scan over before buying a used domain

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Is the particular domain a trademark or not? 

So start with investigating either the domain is the trademark of an existing business or not. If it is, you should not buy it as it will violate the registered trademark. Moreover, what if the owner company claims it. Also, it might demand to disassemble it in the long run, and you will be at a severe loss.

A typical way is to go for a free trademark search on Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) via the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Inspect the past usage 

Interestingly you can check the websites associated with it in the past. Also, it helps tell you if a website still has linked to the domain.

Domain Health Check

Do you fancy avoiding domain headaches?

So, if you are looking for a cheap domain name, look over the domain health owing to the reasons (bullet points) mentioned above in the post buying a used domain. A domain can have no history, good history, and bad history (blacklisted). Besides, you will have to draw traffic to your domain/ website shortly after purchasing, so it is necessary to do a background check to avoid any potential pitfalls.

WHOIS Database 

You can also check the DNS record and ownership details like domain creation, renewal (ownership changes), etc.

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