What is the process for changing a flight on Air Canada Airlines?

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Changing a flight ticket is as simple as booking one. There can be legit circumstances when a passenger can’t catch his scheduled flight for so many reasons. However, many airlines fail to offer risk-free flight changes to the flyers, so it has become a prime concern for them. On the other hand, if a passenger wishes to change his Air Canada reservations, he is given complete flexibility to modify the flight information based on the last-minute changes made in the travel plans.

Air Canada is the largest flag carrier of Canada regarding its fleet size and the number of passengers it carries. The airline works with a team of professionals who consider their prime duty to resolve flight-related matters and give the passengers a seamless travel experience. To make the process less complicated, the airline has even launched a free mobile app to book and manage Air Canada flights while sitting at comfortable places. 

Other than a mobile app, one can make the best use of the manage my booking option while canceling or changing a flight ticket online on Air Canada Airlines. Through the same feature, you can also request special services, including pre-seat selection, extra baggage allowance, extra legroom request, and so on. The airline may or may not ask you to pay a flight change fee depending on the changes you made to your Air Canada reservations. 

What are the important guidelines to be followed for changing a flight ticket on Air Canada Airlines?

Anyone who has made an Air Canada flight booking is eligible to make flight upgrades before the scheduled flight departure. By flight upgrades mean changing the date, time, arrival and departure information or adding additional services on the same flight reservation. 

Here are a few essential guidelines that one should follow while changing a flight ticket on Air Canada Airlines

  • As per the flight change policy, if you want to change your ticket information for free, you can do it within 24 hours of the initial flight booking. However, after the grace period, the airline charges a flight change fee of $75 for domestic flights and $200 for international flights.
  • Your Air Canada flights should meet the rules and regulations; only then you can apply for flight changes.
  • In case your scheduled flight is departed, you are not eligible to make flight changes.
  • The airline allows online flight changes for different fare types. For instance, the airline’s route flight change fee for making same-day flight changes for Tango is $100, $75 for flex fare, and for latitude, it depends on the amount of the fare difference.
  • For making offline flight changes, flyers can call on the toll-free helpline number and request one of the customer care executives to make flight changes on their behalf.
  • If the airline changes the scheduled flight, there is no need to pay the flight change fee.

What are the steps required to make flight changes online on Air Canada?

Flyers who have made Air Canada booking will be given complete control over the changes they want to make on their flight tickets based on their needs and requirements. One can follow the simple steps given below to change their flight reservations.

  • First of all, head to the airline’s official site and log into your account using your correct username and password.
  • Mention your first and last name and flight reference number to view the flight details of your Air Canada reservations.
  • Now click on the manage my booking button. 
  • You will see your flight details on the screen and choose the flight you want to change.
  • You can change the travel date, time, arrival and departure cities, and add special services in this step.
  • After making the flight changes, you can review them once again and press the continue button for final confirmation.
  • After that, you will be taken to the payment page and pay the flight change fee if asked to pay.
  • Now you can download and print your flight boarding pass and keep a screenshot to show to the airport’s concerned authority during flight check-in. 
  • At last, you will receive mail from Air Canada Airlines regarding the changes you made to your flight ticket.

How to make flight changes offline on Air Canada Airlines?

The online flight change process is relatively straightforward and faster than other modes. However, if you are unable to make flight changes or upgrades to your existing Air Canada booking, get in contact with the customer care executive by dialing the toll-free helpline number, +1-860-579-6800. Apart from a phone call service, you can also seek travel assistance through a live chat, email, or social media option, or visit the nearby self-service kiosks at the airport and ask the concerned person to help you make the required changes.


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