What is the eligibility to achieve a 9GEMS Scholarship in UAE?

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Scholarship is basically a platform for free education. Most universities, colleges and schools award scholarships based on academics, talent and student financial aid requirements. Every scholarship offered has its own set of requirements and qualification process.

Most of the school-based scholarships are awarded to students depending on their academic performance. Most schools concentrate only on granting scholarships based on academic excellence, but 9 GEMS Scholarship is a one-of-its-kind scholarship in the UAE, a merit-based program awarded to students excelling in academics, sports, performing arts, creativity, innovation and digital technology.

The award is for a period of one year and students get a waive off of between 25-100 percent on the fees.

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) offers a unique 9GEMS Scholarship called as the 9 GEMS Scholarship which aims not only on the academic genius, but also on the complete personality development of the student. The teaching framework incorporates values into STEM core subjects.

The 9 GEMS Scholarship has won acclaimed awards like the Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

The major focus of the 9 GEMS Scholarship is building values and character related traits. It offers a holistic development for the kids.

Main features of the 9 GEMS Scholarship:

  1.       This scholarship can be applied only by students studying in any of the GIIS schools across the globe. Students must be studying from grades 7-11th standards.
  2.       The scholarship is given to students based on the 9 GEMS skills which includes Sports, Music, Dance, Instrumental Music, Martial Arts, Literary Competitions, Drawing and STEM.
  3.       Students applying for the scholarship must have won the first three positions in any of the above mentioned skills.
  4.       The 9 GEMS Scholarship is divided into A, B, and C categories respectively, and the scholarship awarded will be 20%, 15% and 10% on the tuition fees.

What are the criteria for students to apply for this scholarship?

  •         The student must be a citizen of UAE.
  •         Students and parents must have the valid visa copy and an Emirates ID.
  •         The student should have won national or international recognition.
  • Should have contributed to co-curricular activities which include visual and performing arts, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship, or sports.
  •       Should have displayed extraordinary leadership skills.

How to apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship?

  •   After going through the required details, visit the GIIS website wherein you can apply for the scholarship which is exclusively for students studying in this school.
  •         Go through the application thoroughly and keep all your documents ready.
  •         Start filling in the required details.
  •     Ensure that you read the instructions carefully as an incomplete application and false documentation will be outrightly rejected.
  •         Get your application reviewed or cross verified to ensure that there are no errors.
  •     Then attach all the documents like the student and parent Visa copy and ID, PDF format of past two years academic records, achievements in the areas of the 9 GEMS skills.

What is the selection process?

Once the application is submitted, they are scrutinized by the judging committee and the students are selected. These students need to undergo a scholarship assessment, followed by a scholarship test or interview.

Selected students will be intimated through email and the final scholarship deed is signed.

Learn about the 9 GEMS teaching framework developed by the GIIS:

Academic excellence

GIIS is well known for imparting excellent academic teaching. They follow a curriculum that integrates with the best practises in education with a unique teaching methodology through the latest available tools. 

Sports Excellence

Building athletic ability of the student is very important for their physical growth and strength. Students are facilitated indoor as well as outdoor sports clubbed with data analytics to bring out the true sportsmanship in them.

Visual and performing arts

A skill-based program is developed which gives a hands-on experience for students to explore the creativity in them.

Personality development

Well structured programmes like critical thinking, sports, social contribution, meditation and self-expression help them in holistic development of their personality.

Innovation and creativity

In this curriculum, the creativity and innovation of the student is nurtured based on the analysis of their interest and competency.

Entrepreneurship and leadership

Students are exposed to interactive conversations and active participation to boost their confidence.

Universal values and ethics

The 9 GEMS majorly lay importance on building values and character traits. In this curriculum activities are included to build the values of the students.

Community and care

Students are given an opportunity to be in the community and have social interactions to enhance relationships, charity services, community events, and green initiatives are some of the programmes to inculcate the social well-being of the student.

Skills development

Students are exposed to real world skills and are given training to hone their soft skills and enhance their personality.

The 9 GEMS teaching model helps the students to be more confident and develop their personality for a better future. 9 GEMS Scholarship is a platform that motivates them to nurture their inner self and prove themselves not only in academics, but also in their competency and character.


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