What Is Smartbyte And What It Will Do?

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SmartByte is an application pre-installed on several modern Dell machines, prioritizing data packets to speed up entertainment and communication applications and services like streaming video, web browsing, and video chat. 

SmartByte works by select outgoing data packets, ordering them. Here, the data packets for latency-sensitive applications and services leave the machine first, causing packages for those applications and services to return early, which results in a noticeable cumulative effect of reducing buffering when streaming video as quicker web browsing and smoother video chat. 

SmartByte can only install on specific Dell machines on which it comes pre-installed. Here, if you are experiencing problems with SmartByte on your Dell, the first step in troubleshooting is updating the software.

Removing SmartByte:

Here, the users have been expressing a desire to remove SmartByte from their systems.

Then, if you are interested in how SmartByte improves your Internet experiences, click here to find out.

Here, if you are experiencing problems with SmartByte and wish to fix those problems, click for updating SmartByte, which resolves most issues.

Here, if you would still prefer to uninstall SmartByte, you can do by following these steps:

  • Now, you can Right-click Start and click the Apps and Features.
  • You should scroll until you find any application with “SmartByte” in the name listed in your Apps and Features menu.
  • Here, you can click each “SmartByte” entry and click Uninstall, then follow the prompts to uninstall the application.
  • Hence, you may repeat with any other “SmartByte” entries in your Apps and Features menu.

Manually Adjusting SmartByte Speed Limits (Slow Internet):

Here, the users have indicated that SmartByte slows their Internet connection.

Hence, when SmartByte loads for the first time, it conducts a speed test. It saves those values as the maximum available bandwidth speeds determine when to control applications and services that aren’t latency-sensitive to make sure the latency-sensitive applications and services work quickly and correctly.

Suppose there is an issue with connectivity at the moment of the test, such as low wireless signal strength or wireless radio interference. In that case, SmartByte may record slower speeds than what the connection can provide.

Hence, in these cases, the best remedy is to manually adjust the speed limits in SmartBytes settings by following these steps:

Click to Start.

You can type Smartbyte and click on SmartByte when it appears.

Here, the interface has loaded. Now, press the F4 key on the keyboard to load the settings page.

Then, you will see the current bandwidth settings. You may change these by clicking on them and replace the number with the appropriate speed, in megabits per second (Mbps). You can use the rates stated in the Internet service provider’s plan or use an online speed test, such as speedtest.net. Hence, if you choose to use a speed test, make sure you first change the speeds in SmartByte to something far higher than the actual plan so that the current settings do not limit speed.

Here, you have changed the numbers appropriately. Click to Save Settings. Now, you can close the SmartByte interface, as the user interface does not need to be loading for SmartByte to its job of speeding up your Internet experience.

If setting the speed limits manual does not resolve the issue, we suggest updating to the latest version of SmartByte.

Which Version Of SmartByte Are We Running?

Here, users have expressed confusion in finding which version of SmartByte that their machine runs.

Here, you can find which version of SmartByte that you are using by following these steps:

  • Right-click Start and click the Apps and Features.
  • Now, scroll until you find Smartbyte Drivers and Services and click on it.
  • You can see the version number below, “Smartbyte Drivers and Services,” with version 2.0.643.
  • You may compare the version number to the current version of SmartByte available from our website.

Here, the SmartByte application number is accessible by pressing the F4 key on the keyboard with the SmartByte interface loaded. It will not tell you which version of the service is installing, and the version numbers don’t always correspond as the service is updated more frequently than the interface.


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