What credit card fraud and identity theft mean

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Credit card is a part of method procedures. It is a plastic card and it contains a chip. And it bears the identity of the users. It has also protective measures from the skimmers or other kinds of things. Every credit card contains some important codes like security codes. This security code includes Password, PIN, and CVV codes. The CVV has a shop too. This shop is named CVV shop. Though it has many security measures it also has the risk of losing the login credentials.

 What does credit card fraud mean?

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized or illegal use of a credit card to get access to financial activities without paying for them or get the funds.

Sometimes, credit card fraud is the great theft of the user identity or other details that are often used to take the loan. The details are used to make crimes.

What does identity theft mean in the banking sector?

In order to get the credit loans the fraudulent practice of using another individual’s name or personal details to issue the credit loan or any kind of financial activities.

Types of credit card fraud?

There are several credit card frauds such as:

Card-not-present(CNP) fraud:

Without the use of a physical card, mainly over online of phone credit, not present occurs. Card not present is the common matter for online shopping or any online activities. When the customer goes shopping they enter their details of the credit card and that is saved. There is the chance of losing credit card details.

Malware and phishing attacks affect are becoming more tangible and it is the sign of card not present. Card not present is the greatest contribution is the biggest contribution to mostly credit card fraud.

Skimming and counterfeit fraud

To make fake credit cards, counterfeit and skimming occur. Details obtained through skimming can be used to make a counterfeit credit card. Skimming is different from phishing. skimming is related to stealing data within a twinkle of eyes.

Stolen and lost credit card fraud:

When the credit card of the user is lost, the skimmer or any unauthorized people can easily do fraudulent activities. At the time of being lost of credit card, there is free access for the user to use the credit until it is closed or canceled. There is an option of stopping the worst of the damage of the credit card by calling the right financial institution as soon as possible. If you have no need for a credit card and you decide not to use it anymore, don’t hurl it into the rubbish. The thieves can steal the data until the credit card is active.

Card-not-received fraud:

If you make an application for any credit card, there is a greater chance to send you the credit over the mail. The card not received fraud occurs, when you will not get the credit card at the right time. It seems that the card is intercepted before it arrives.

These kinds of fraud are common right now. Many credit card holder are the victim of it.


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