What Changes In Australian Immigration Law Will Have An Impact On Migrants In 2021?

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In the past, the Australian Government has been forced to make necessary changes in the immigration policy. However, as per the recent updates, the changes are to be implemented in 2021. The changes will impact international workers, aged parents, partners and skilled migrants planning to visit the country or migrate to Australia. The country has got its New Immigration Minister, Alan Tudge, who has replaced Alex Hawke.

A brief overview about the changes in the Immigration Law

    • For the 2020-21 Migration Program, the ceiling of 160,000 was retained, but the changes were made to the composition.
    • 15,000 positions are present below the Global Talent Visa Program
    • Priority is given to innovators, job creators, and investors
    • The best immigration solicitors also revealed that the Family stream visas were increased to 77,300 from 47,732
    • New penalties have been introduced for temporary visa holders failing to specify high-risk biosecurity goods
    • The requirement for the English language for Partner visas has changed
    • Necessary changes have been made to the family visa program
    • Investment and business visa streams are reduced.

The Morrison government has made necessary changes in the composition while retaining “the ceiling for the 2020-21 Migration Program.” The new modifications reveal that more emphasis is given to family stream visas. The numbers have been increased to 77,300 from 47,732 spaces.

Migration program planning levels for 2020-21

    • For Skill Stream



Employer sponsored


State/Territory Nominated


Skilled Independent


Business Innovation & Investment program




Global Talent


Distinguished Talent


    • For Family Stream



Total skill






Other family




Total family


Child [estimated, not subject to ceiling]


Special Eligibility


This is the total segregation of the 160000 divisions. But priority will always be given to the Business Innovation and Investment Program [BIIP], the Global Talent Visa Program, and the Employer-Sponsored visas as per the Government. Fifteen thousand places will be available for 2020-2021 below the Global Talent Visa Program. If you need any specific information about a particular visa, the immigration lawyer Perth is there for you. Here is in-depth information on the changes that have been made.

Migration numbers

Under the 2020-21 composition, 79600 plates are there for the Skill stream. It will continue to concentrate on different visa categories helping Australia’s economic condition to bounce back. The priority will be given to visa enthusiasts for job creation, economic growth, and investment. In the same session, the number of positions under the “Business, Investment, and Innovation program” has increased by 13,500. It is expected that the number might change for 2021-20211.

Certain flexibilities will respond to the border, health and economic conditions happening due to Covid. For a 189 visa, the planning level is maintained at 6500 visas. But by the 21st of April 2021, 1690 invitations have been sanctioned.

Partner visa applications

Julie Williams has shown concern over the increase in the processing time due to changes in the partner visa. Due to the changes, the new process will split into two steps. The sponsors from the country must apply and get approved as sponsors. Make sure the enthusiasts do it before their partners apply for the visa. She also said that there is no specific information about the amount of time required for processing. One more notable change is migrants planning to apply for a Subclass 801 or 100 must pass the English language test. The changes have been introduced in the federal budget of 2020-21 and are taking place this year.

Business visas

After introducing “the Business Innovation and Investment Program” in 2012, the Australian Government has made necessary changes to investment and business visas. The number of subclasses and streams has been reduced from nine to four from the 1st of July 2021. There is a higher business turnover and assets set for the Business Innovation stream, and visa holders working in this sector must make an investment of at least $2.5 million rather than $1.5 million. As per the Entrepreneur stream, the funding threshold is stated at $200,000. However, the roadway to permanent residency is made easier.

The new agriculture visa

The changes revealed that the Federal Government has come up with the new agriculture visa. It will extend to ten ASEAN countries, and the Government has considered doing so after agreeing under “a Free Trade Agreement with the UK.” It was done to remove the requirement for British aspirants who can work on Australian land for 88 days before they extend their working holiday visas. The visa will be made available by the end of the year.

In the end

These are all the latest changes made by the Australian Government and if you need more details, speak to Australian immigration lawyers.



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