What are the winning strategies in Solitaire card game?

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Are you a big solitaire fan? Love to play in your spare time to relax and divert your mind from everyday routine? Why shouldn’t you be? It is classic; it is entertaining and definitely kills boredom. Well, then you might be well-versed with the solitaire games rules and it’s secrets.

But with the change in time, you can play this fun and relaxing game on Gamentio. In any case, the game is easy to learn, which makes it interesting. But is it simple to win? To be honest, I don’t think so. In order to succeed, you must get the hang of solitaire games tips and tricks and learn some solitaire winning strategies. These strategies are simple and will take your gameplay to the next level. Give them a shot, and you will be able to beat your record in no time.

Don’t leave the space empty without a King

Kings are crucial in the game of solitaire, as they dominate the free spaces. If you don’t have a king ready, don’t remove a card from that empty slot. If you do so, the pile will remain empty because those spaces can only be filled by the kings. This is the mistake that beginner players make on their way to running out of moves. This essentially blocks down the whole column of play unless you are fortunate enough to reveal a King from your other cards.

Keep colour in mind when filling a space

Choosing between a black or red King in order to fill empty space is a big decision. For the rest of the game, it determines the colour order for that pile. So, to ensure easy piling of the cards, carefully take into consideration what Queens and Jack cards you have in your hand.

Don’t stack the Aces and Two

Whenever you get the Aces and Two on any deck on the table, play them instead of drawing cards from the stockpile. This is considered one of the best solitaire strategy moves in the game. If you get Aces or Two, put them in the foundation stacks immediately to make a good move and improve your winning chances. Be vigilant for these low numbers.

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The Secret of Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

Be mindful of playing fives, sixes, sevens, or eights. These middle cards are a crucial part of your game and support the framework of your game. But playing them too eagerly can get you into trouble. If you are using in any which ways, make sure you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Your card is of the same suit (not the colour) as the next higher card in the same colour. This means if you are thinking of placing seven of spades on an eight of hearts, the next nine up should be a nine of spades. This aids to prevent jamming.
  2. The cards allow you to either free a down card, straight up or will enable you to make an action that will free a down card in a move or two.
  3. If this is the first time that the card is being played for the particular column.
  4. It is the only move that you can make at that particular moment.

Prefer a column with most the hidden cards

When playing online solitaire card games, your aim is to reveal as many cards as soon as possible. If you have two choices for moving a card to reveal the card behind it, it is better to pick the column with the most number of face-down cards. The more cards you reveal, the greater will the chances for you to find the next combinations of cards and finish the game faster.

The above mentioned winning strategy will help you understand the game better even if you are a beginner player. Despite the fact that the game is simple, there is a surprising amount of depth in strategy required to win the game consistently. If you are a newbie, practising the game online is the best way to learn solitaire card game. Try practicing these hacks and implement them in your next solitaire games.


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