What Are The Top 10 CA Firms in India?

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Partnering with one of the top CA firms in India has a lot of perks. These firms contribute to increasing the brand value of the clients and are also known for their quality of work. They have decades of experience, and their global reach makes them a one-stop solution for all expansion-related queries. 

Aspiring chartered accountants also often look to start their career with a top CA firm in India. Working with these firms reflects well on their resume and helps them learn from the best in this industry. The top CA firms also compensate their articles handsomely. 

A list of the top 10 CA firms in India has been provided below. These firms have been ranked based on their revenues, global reach, clientele, customer feedback, etc. Along with the names of the firms, we have also listed the services in which they specialize. 

Top 10 CA firms in India

AKM Global or Ashok Maheshwary & Associates

One of India’s top CA firms, AKM Global offers accounting, assurance, tax, and business advisory services. The services provided by this firm include: 

  • India entry strategies, and corporate and legal advisory 
  • Direct and indirect taxation, tax for expatriates, GST, transfer pricing, etc. 
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Statutory, tax, and internal audit 
  • Transaction advisory services 


Deloitte is an international professional services network that is known for providing the following services:

  • Audit and assurance 
  • Consulting for M&A, marketing, core operations, etc. 
  • Risk advisory services (strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and cyber)
  • Financial advisory and taxation

PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC

PwC is the second largest professional service network globally in terms of revenue and is part of the ‘big 4’. It offers the following services:

  • Accounting advisory 
  • International financial reporting standards in India
  • Consultancy related to cybersecurity, forensic services, financial risk, licensing and contract compliance, etc. 
  • Management, strategy, and technology consultancy 
  • Indirect taxation, M&A, tax controversy and dispute resolution, etc. 
  • Internal audit and compliance-related services 


KPMG is another global player that is part of the ‘big 4’ service provider network. Based in the Netherlands, the tax and advisory services encompass the following services:

  • International taxation, transfer pricing, and indirect taxation
  • Mergers and acquisition tax, and BFSI tax
  • Consultancy related to risk management, deals, and operations 

Ernst & Young or EY

EY is one of the biggest audit firms worldwide, ranked third professional services firm in terms of revenue. The audit services provided by Ernst & Young include:

  • Consultancy related to emerging technology, cybersecurity, risks, performance management, etc. 
  • Accounting and forensic advisory services, climate change and sustainability advisory services, etc. 
  • Tax planning, accounting, compliance, GST, etc.
  • Strategy services, corporate finance, M&A framework, and infrastructure advisory 

BDO International 

A globally recognized public accountancy firm, BDO International serves a host of international clientele. It offers the following services worldwide:

  • Cross border taxation, global tax services, GST, transfer pricing, transaction tax, customs, and international trade, etc. 
  • Business restructuring services, cybersecurity, digital transformation, due diligence, government advisory, valuations, and risk advisory 
  • Global outsourcing shared outsourcing and technological services

Grant Thornton Bharat

Based in the UK, Grant Thornton International has been delivering assurance and taxation and other consultancy services for the past 100 years. Its service portfolio includes:

  • Financial reporting, audit, and attestation services
  • Direct and indirect taxation, US tax, global mobility service, etc. 
  • Business consulting, deal advisory, and due diligence 
  • HR payroll and outsourcing services
  • Public sector advisory and DigiTech

RSM Global

RSM Global is a leading provider of audit and taxation services to many domestic and international clients. It is known for providing:

  • Global and listed company audits, statutory audits, etc. 
  • IT system design consulting and strategies for business growth 
  • Corporate tax and compliance, international tax planning, personal tax compliance, etc. 
  • Global financial due diligence 

Lodha & Co. 

Established in 1941, this CA firm provides a host of services to various corporate houses, banks, insurance companies, PSUs, etc. Its service portfolio includes:

  • Audit (Statutory, tax, compliance, special investigative, concurrent and internal)
  • M&A advisory, corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, valuations, etc.
  • International taxation, indirect taxation, and corporate tax services

Sahni Natrajan & Bahl

Based in Delhi, SNB has been providing quality services for consulting, accounting, and other related services since 1981. It is known for providing the following services:

  • Internal, statutory, and business management audit
  • Information technology advisory and management consultancy
  • Accountancy and tax advisory 
  • Company law 

SS Kothari Mehta & Co. 

SS Kothari is one of the leading CA firms in India with branches in 100 other countries. The services offered by this firm include:

  • Personal and corporate taxation
  • Indirect taxation, GST, customs, and foreign trade policies related to advisory 
  • Business advisory for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, demergers, etc.
  • Audit (IFC, forensic and investigative, and financial)
  • IND-AS, IFRS, and US GAAP advisory

Each of the industry giants mentioned above is known for its expertise in certain areas. To choose the right chartered accountancy firm, one must first assess their requirements and long-term objectives. These firms are known for their high standards and discipline. One can only benefit from an association with these top CA firms in India.


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