What are the interesting features of the Assam Bachao Campaign?

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Assam Pradesh Congress Committee was launched Assam Bachao Campaign on Tuesday which is a video contest through the social media. The purpose of the campaign is for people in the Assam state to make a two-minute video about the biggest problems and issues that the state has been facing in the current situation. In this article, you will know about the interesting features of these campaigns in Assam.

What are the important features of the Assam Bachao Campaign?

The important and interesting features of the Assam Bachao Campaign are given by,

  • The feedback from the campaign will tell about the most important issues to be taken in the election manifesto. The manifesto will provide a solution to these problems.
  • Congress MP from Kaliabor Gaurav Gogoi said that this campaign was launched in the presence of APCC president and member of Rajya Sabha Ripun Bors at the place of Rajiv Bhawan.
  • The campaign is the first step to solve the problems. This was said by Gogai about the campaigns.
  • The people will participate in this contest by posting the video along with the hashtag #AssamBachao on any major social media and then they have to submit the video link through the www.AssamBachao.in. This is one of the chances for the youth to save the state from the BJP’s evil things.
  • The main thing about this campaign is a call for the peoples to talk about the public discussion of all the issues are facing by the peoples and the state.
  • The Congress leaders and workers have participated in these campaigns as ordinary individual persons.
  • This contest will be run for the next 10 days till February 19.

What are the highlights of the Assam Bachao Campaign?

The highlights of the Assam Bachao Campaign are you may have a chance to win an iPhone or cash award from the campaign if you are making a video that will be highlighting the biggest problems are faced by the Assam. This contest has been launched by congress in poll-bound Assam.

Ripun Bora said this, not a party manifesto it is the people’s manifesto about the video contest campaigns. The students and peoples will suggest the party via an online platform like social media.

What is the reason to start the Assam Bachao Campaign against BJP by the congress in Assam?

There are mainly ten reasons to start this video campaigns against the BJP by the congress are given by,

  1. Congress grand alliance: The congress launched Assam Bachao is alleging that the BJP government selling the state to the outsiders.
  2. Unemployment: It is one of the biggest issues in this election. The unemployment rate in Assam is higher than the national average.
  3. Price rise: It is never good news.
  4. Citizen amendment act: The biggest protest against CAA in Assam.
  5. New parties: The new parties like Assam Jatiya Parishad, Rajior Dal, and Anchalik Gana Morcha.
  6. Fall of AGP: It is the major trend in the Assam election
  7. A Betrayed BPF, Tea garden workers, Dual leadership are Sonowal and Himanta and Local anti-incumbency.

Peoples in Assam make benefits of this video contest and save the state from the BJP evil designs.


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