What are the functions of the Rehabilitation Centre in Pune?

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What is meant by Rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation is one of the processes of combing the medical and psychotherapeutic treatments to the address dependency on the drugs and alcohol addicts. The main goal is patient to remain the permanently avoid the alcohol. The intent of the rehabilitation the patient leads a successful life without the alcohol and drugs

What are the goals of the alcohol rehabilitation center in Pune?

The Rehabilitation Centre in Pune has the seven important goals. They are given by,

  • Goal 1, End the alcohol abuse: The most important goal of the alcohol rehabilitation is to stop drinking. It is the starting point of the treatment.
  • Goal 2, Establish the positive support system: This is an important goal in the rehabilitation because of it allows for the successful life of the patient after the program is complete.
  • Goal 3, Improve the general health – It allows a healthier lifestyle and it is important for the long term moderation. This goal is achieved in the first week of the program.
  • Goal 4, Improve the personal circumstances – This goal aims to provide the patient successful future life outside of the program.
  • Goal 5, Meet employment and educational needs: This goal provides a successful life for the inpatient and outpatient.
  • Goal 6, Reduce the criminal behavior and resolve the legal problems: The main aim of the rehab center is to remove the negative aspects of the patient’s life.
  • Goal 7, Treat the psychiatric orders and psychological problems: The centers aim to provide the facilities for the psychological problems.

What are the successful characteristics of the rehabilitation centre in Pune?

The successful characteristics of the Rehabilitation Centre in Pune are given by,

  • Personalized treatment – The medical staff will provide a unique facility for every patient during the program. It helps to know the feeling and emotions of the person and they can treat easily in the future.
  • Medical detox – If you are physically addicted to the drugs the rehab centre will add the detox treatment in the program.
  • Options for the long-term inpatient treatments – Some of the peoples are addicted to the drugs which the treatment is given as long term for thirty days. Till the patient will end the drug-taking.
  • More than just detox – The drug addiction treatment will speak to the mental, spiritual and psychological aspects.
  • Therapy is essential – It is the successful part of the drug addiction treatment. It also provides you with check-in and progress of the treatment goals.

What are the benefits of the rehabilitation centre?

  • It will help to break the addictive cycle of the drugs.
  • The rehab will teach about the addiction so the patients will learn about the addictions of the drugs.
  • It will dig into the underlying issues and help to build the new coping skills.
  • The rehabs will build the new habitat and practices. This includes the physical and emotional health, relationship, and occupational.
  • They will also establish the healthy boundaries.
  • The rehab centre will also give the awareness about the drug addiction


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