What Are The Benefits Of Using The Larger Printer?

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Technological advancements have changed everything and this is all due to the recent inventions from the brilliant brains of humans. You are dependent on technology and different machines for daily life activities. The inventions of different methods and techniques have made human life easy but they also make them lazy. The work which was completed in the hours is now going to complete in few minutes. There are many things which you use in your daily life such as computers and laptops for the storage of different data in them, large printer to make the data which is printed on the paper visible and scanners are used for scanning the documents.


A printer is a device that makes a persistent representation of graphics or text on paper. Most of the time, the output on the paper is readable by a human, but you may also see the bar code printers and they are expanded examples of the printers.

Technology and Printers

When you observe then you will notice that the print technology is closely associated and has a great effect on the cost of the printer and its cost of operation such as speed, quality, and permanence of documents, and noise. Some printing technologies do not work on certain types of physical mediums such as transparencies and carbon paper.

One of the most important effects which need to be noted that the documents which are printed with liquid inks are difficult to alter than the documents which are printed using solid inks. As the liquid inks absorbed in the paper making the documents difficult to alter. A cheque is usually printed by using liquid ink but if in case if any alterations to be made in it, then a toner anchorage will be used.

Types of Printer

On a broad category, there are two different types of printer impact and non-impact printers. Further, they have different types such as:

  • Character Printer
  • Lines Printer
  • Dot Matrix Printer
  • Page Printer
  • Ink-Jet Printer
  • Laser

Brief detail about these types of printers are as follows:

Impact Printers

This type of printer functions when hammers or pins will strike against the ribbon and paper to print the text. You can also call this mechanism an electrochemical mechanism. They are further of two types i.e.

  • Character Printer
  • Dot Matrix Printer

Character Printer

This type of impact printer prints only one character at a time on the paper. It has a relatively slow speed than the dot matrix printer.

Dot Matrix Printer

This type of printer functions by printing the characters as combinations of dots. They are the most popular type of printers among serial printers. These types of printers have the matrix of pins on the print head of the printer which forms the character. The pins are 24 in number on the print head of the printer. Carbon is used between paper and pins.

Non-Impact Printers

A non-impact technology is used in these types of printers such as ink-jet or laser technology. You can have better quality output by using these printers.

Laser Printer

A laser beam is required when you use this type of printer to produce an image on the drum. The electrical charge is altered by the light of the laser when it hits the drum. Then, the drum rolls through the reservoir of the toner and it is picked up by the charged portions of the drums. In the end, the toner is transferred to the paper by a combination of pressure and heat.

Most of the time, laser printers are also called page printers. As the work on the same principle as the copy machine does when you are copying something from it.

Ink-Jet Printers

This type of printer works by spraying the ink on the paper through the nozzle or jet. The ink is sprayed in the form of vapors on the paper and after they pass through the reflecting plate, you can have desired output at the desired place.

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