What are the basic elements of a start up business website

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Every business should have a website in the digital age, whether it is an industry giant or a tiny, newly born start-up. Virtual presence is necessary because, without that, the modern world cannot recognize a company. Do you have a start-up???? If yes, it is beneficial to know how the website of a start-up business should look like. Several prime features can make your presence noticeable and help reach a broader market with a professional face.

A suitable and easy domain name

A website gets its recognition through the domain name, and for that, it should be catchy and suitable according to the nature of the business.  You need to be very careful while buying a domain name, and in place of buying just any domain name, find a relatable tag.

  • A domain name remains the same for a very long time until a business does not change it for a big reason. It means there is no chance to act careless about making frequent changes.
  • A domain name should be short, easy to remember, easy to spell and give the brand’s proper identity. In future, it can even help attract more and more clients.
  • Use keywords in the domain name but do not use hyphens. Sometimes small businesses use the hyphen, but it is not an advisable thing. The industry experts never suggest such a thing.
  • Do not get into the trap of magic number because it creates confusion for the users, and in place of remembering a complicated name, they prefer to switch. Do you want this to happen with your business? Then do not play with the numbers.

Should not be too many or too less call-to-action buttons

Excess of everything is bad. Similarly, scarcity of anything is bad. Business websites always differ on the point of call-to-action. Some have them on every page. Some have them on only certain types of pages. A start-up business needs to be very conscious because it is just a newcomer in the market, and there is no space for any mistake.

  • Do not sound greedy through your call-to-action buttons. Not all the buttons are for sale, such as ‘maybe later’ ‘, not sure’ etc. It is better to include such buttons because they show that a business is not greedy to sell its things. This usually works in the case of finance companies because people do not take financial decisions quickly. A lender that sells new business loans’ to bad credit people on lower rates should have such CTA. Due to a poor credit score, people do not make random fast decisions; they look for other affordable deals in the market.
  • There is no particular or decided place for call-to-action because you can put them anywhere but not everywhere. Any spot in the website on which you feel is destined to provoke the visitors; a call to action can be posted.
  • The CTAs can be used as the navigation for the website. With the help of suitable CTAs, you can make the visitors visit all the essential parts of a website. It is not only for you as a start-up but also for the customers who can have a look without any confusion.

Do not exaggerate in deals or offers

The website should never have deals and offers that are not real. It is not bad to promise something to your customers, but it is a sin to take that promise to an unrealistic height. A commitment that is not possible to complete later can create a big difficulty for you. Keep things genuine and close to the actuality of what you offer and how.

  • Sometimes start-up that aims to attract more visitors in the initial years post many exaggerated deals and offers on the website. Initially, it may bring people to the website, but later it will be harmful to business growth.
  • The goodwill of business gets spoiled when they get to know that they do not get what they see on the website. The customers may even boycott the company while leaving negative remarks and reviews about the business. Once a company gets the tag of ‘Fraud’, it is complicated to come back.
  • Important is to serve the quality in whatever the business offers because good things always catch attention. Do not forget. People do not visit your website to see the design but to buy a product or service. Yes, the design should be user-friendly, but equally important is trust in a business.

Mention necessary registration and authentication details

We all know that the biggest challenge for a start-up business is to gain trust in the market. No one wants to trust a new name. Customers are already using the existing brands, and they have a strong trust in whatever they are using already. Your fair chance to enter their world of choice starts from the authentication of your presence.

  • By posting the relatable registration information, you win the trust of the website visitors. Nothing is more precious than the authenticity of a business.
  • Mention the name of the regulatory authority where the business is registered. It also helps you establish that no tricky customer can claim illogical things in the name of loss.
  • The first impression is the last impression, and this point leaves a good first impression. You will become a customer friend because people like the brands that qualify on the authentication parameter.
  • Gradually the people will build their trust in your presence and will surely buy from you. It is only a matter of time. Just keep the patience because haste causes a waste of time and money.
  • However, we should not forget that customer reviews are also helpful to make a website sound genuine. Example – A lender that offers loans for new business will mention about FCA registration.

The above points should be capable of explaining the basic features of the website of a start-up business. There are no strict rules because somewhere, the rules are the same, even for the established businesses. The only difference is that the start-ups need to be extra careful because their wings are fragile, and the sky of competition is BIG.


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