What are cashback websites and how do they work?

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Cashback websites are websites created for rewarding users. These websites offer incentives to consumers in the form of cashback. The incentive is a certain percentage of the transaction amount when a consumer shops from retail websites associated with the respective cashback website. 

What happens is that instead of going straight to the physical store venue, you go to the online store or the website of the retailer via the links on the cashback website. As this cash-back phase takes place, the item is still given to the customer by the retailer and, in addition, the customer may still obtain some of the value of the purchase spent from the cash-back website. Therefore, the money earned as cashback is simply a percentage of the total amount paid by the consumer when making online purchase products from the retailer’s website.

Cashback websites provide links for all types of retailers, whether they are grocery stores, toiletries, phones, insurance or broadband. Cashback deals can be made available on any or all of them. 

The functioning of cashback websites is a coherent business model where the cashback website functions as a rewarding medium between the user and the retailer giving back some of the money spent to the customer. In essence, what happens is that the cashback website directs consumers to the retailer’s websites with its unique deals and offers, and the customer visits the retailer’s website via those links and browses to find the items they want to purchase. After the customer shops and the purchase has been confirmed, the merchant pays half of the commission to the cashback website, which is returned to the customer as cash back after the transaction has been confirmed.

The amount of time taken to collect cashbacks depends on the cashback website. Some websites will give cash back in the next four to six weeks. Although other websites will give cash back within a few months. There is a certain time gap between the purchasing of merchandise and the payment of cash back to ensure that there is no cash back payment on items which are returned or cancelled. Cashbacks are offered to consumers in a number of ways. Bank transfers, gift cards, bank checks, mobile charges and online orders are some of the forms in which cashbacks are given to consumers. They can also be sold via online payment sites, such as PayPal. Some cashback websites have a minimum amount that the user has to make a certain number of purchases in order to reach the minimum 

limit and, in turn, to be eligible for cashback

How do cashback websites benefit us?

These cashback websites are definitely very lucrative and helpful. Let us look at some of their benefits listed below. 

  • A vast range of products and services can be bought via cashback websites, which are partnered with all types of online retailers. 
  • Consumers can get more incentives when they refer others to cashback websites. Some of these websites also contribute a fraction of their sales. 
  • All of the cashback websites are open, allowing consumers to receive 100% cash back. 
  • Many cashback websites have groups of users, so users can get tips on saving and hear about smart buyers’ experiences, encouraging them to purchase smart and carefully to save more. 
  • If there is a better price on another cashback platform, others can match these prices because of competition between them, so diligently, consumers will make sure they always have the best cashback offers and great deals.

Which are the best cashback websites?

There are some very good worldwide cashback websites as well as in India. Listed below are the names of the 5 top cashback websites in India. Make sure to go through them to get the best deals from these top cashback websites and find worldwide cashback offers.

  1. CouponDunia
  2. GoPaisa
  3. CashKaro
  4. TopCashback
  5. Pennyful

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