What All You Need to Know About Waterproof Flooring?

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If you’re thinking about installing new hardwood or laminate flooring in your home, you should consider Waterproof Flooring as an option. Waterproof Flooring is also referred to as Water resistant flooring that is installed over already existing floors. There are many different brands and features of Waterproof Flooring to choose from so be sure to do the proper research before making your purchase. Here are some of the Waterproof Flooring pros and cons to help you make a better informed decision.

Why to go for waterproof flooring?

Resiliency to moisture

One of the best features of Waterproof Flooring is the resiliency to moisture. There are many different grades and types of SPC Waterproof Flooring available and most of them feature a built in moisture barrier that stops moisture from reaching the floor.

Protection from stains

Some additional features like underlay, where the underlayment will help protect your floors from any spills or stains, anti-skid features and rubber backing makes it more popular.

Pros and Cons With regard to Waterproof Flooring


Waterproof flooring is very easy to maintain. It is made to withstand frequent spills from sinks, faucets, and showers. The vinyl plank flooring comes with a special water resistant sealer on all four sides, which helps to protect the vinyl from water damage, stains and mildew.

Waterproof flooring can also help reduce the frequency of mildew growth in bathrooms and kitchens, which is what makes this type of flooring popular.

Protection from stains and damage

The company sealer that is used provides protection from stains and water damage. To clean the subfloor, you can simply use a damp mop or a vacuum. You should never use water directly on the subfloor of a house as this can lead to seepage and damage to the subfloor.

Different colours and styles

Waterproof flooring comes in many different styles and colours. You will find that most Waterproof Flooring products are grey, brown, tan, white, blue, black and even green. This style is very popular due to its appearance and durability. Some of the more expensive Waterproof Flooring options are redwood, bamboo and marine grade.

With so many colours and styles available in Waterproof Flooring it can be difficult knowing which is best for your home.

Less expensive

If you choose vinyl over another flooring option then it is one of the least expensive floor coverings in the market. If cost is an issue then you may want to choose an alternative that will require little or no maintenance.

Things to consider when choosing flooring

If you live in an area that experiences high water rates then you may want to consider a wood-based Waterproof Flooring product. This wood is more absorbent and will not cause damage to the subfloor.

If cost is not a factor or you cannot afford luxury vinyl plank flooring, then you still have a good option. Laminate flooring has come a long way in its development. Many people prefer the attached pad design over the floating design when considering a SPC Waterproof Flooring option; this is due to the fact that the attached pad will help reduce the wear and tear on your floor.

Lastly, when choosing Waterproof Flooring to use in your home, you should first decide how much you are willing to spend on your flooring. You can find Waterproof Flooring at most online websites like https://www.powerdekorfloors.co.nz/ and many retailers will even offer installation if that is what you desire.

Remember to check with your local fire department or building department to make sure that your Waterproof Flooring meets their guidelines for their areas. Remember that Waterproof Flooring can be an excellent choice for your home and with some proper care and maintenance they can last for years.


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