Checklist To Drive Quality Leads with Quality Website Service Pages

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When potential customers land on your home page, majority of them prefer to see your services page. So, your service page must meet user’s expectations and if they have a poor experience, you won’t get them converted on your website. 

So, having a proper website service page is an essential element of your website. If you miss out on your service page, then your business would not flourish. On having a good experience with the service page, customers are bound to come back again and again. You can design the service page that meets the business goals and get in touch with any web design company to support you in designing the service page.

Let us see the website service page checklist in this article. 

  1. Maintain a short and descriptive headline – 

The few words at the top of a web page should catch visitor’s attention. If you place just a tag line, it is tough to catch visitor’s attention at one go as they will have to scroll down the web page to go through it what it is about. So, the header at the top of the web page should be descriptive where the visitors will get the gist of what is web page is about. Every page should have a question that answers, and the header should provide that in short. 

2. Quick visual reliability – Another website service page checklist is to make the page unique from the competitors. This can be done by including logos at the top of the page. You can mention the awards your company has received, great partnerships that you can focus, any additional certificates you want to highlight, etc. These will act as trust seals that increase credibility and trust immediately. This also makes your business stand ahead of competitors. 

3. Good subheadings –

 Including sub headings on the web page makes visitors flow with the content. It informs the visitor of what each section has. Subheadings help visitors to decide if they can go slow with reading or skip it. If your web page has unclear subheadings, the visitors slow down and tend to leave. If there are meaningful subheadings, visitors will read the page soon. 

4. Focus on keywords –Service pages are mostly easy for search optimization. People look for service always. These searches are mostly intended for commercial. Hence, it has to be key phrased properly which are the best. Including popular keywords drive more demand from the visitors who are unaware of your brand. Hence the key phrase research should be done right, and this also ties up to the header descriptive. Once the keywords are finalized, you need to align the service page with the keywords. The web page content indicates its relevance by using the target keywords and related keywords. A proper service website has the entire website optimized for search. Many pages are aligned with a lot of keywords and each opportunity is to attract potential customers. 

5. Top sales questions –

 A right web service page answers all the top sales questions. It is like a phone ringing for a traditional business. The phone call is to talk about the service. There will be a lot of clarification in the phone call. Similarly, a service web page should answer all the top questions about sales. Analyse the fact that if you get a phone call, what would the questions be:

  1. What has led the user to call you?
  2. What are the possible questions that the user will ask you over call?
  3. What is worrying them?
  4. What are the ways that you would answer their questions?

So, analyze these aspects and incorporate them into your service page. The best service page triggers sales conversion. It addresses objections, answers questions, and provides examples. When all the visitor’s answers are well mentioned over the service page, they are more likely to convert. 

6. Maintain short paragraph and proper formatting – Having a meaningful subheading is alone, not sufficient. If you have big and dense paragraphs, people struggle to read it through. It is a typical scene that short paragraphs are read while long paragraphs get scanned. As a best practice, ensure that paragraphs maintain three lines. If your content is hard to read, visitors tend to exit from there. So, chunk the entire content on a web page into small paragraphs, include some whitespace and mix it with formatting to ease your sales copy. Include the following formatting to have a better service page:

    1. Internal links
    2. Bullets and numbering
    3. Font styles – bold, italic
    4. Images
    5. Short and simple words

7. Visuals – 

Include strong and supportive visuals. Include more images, charts, and graphs that make the readability better. Visuals are more likely visible and remembered quickly. So, if there are too many statistics on your web page, convert those statistics to visual representation. Images, diagrams, infographics, etc., are also powerful. In case your service has many steps, represent them with visuals. Including visual representation enables visitors to engage with it. Visuals are unique and customed design to your business that aligns with the business brand. 

8. Include testimonials from satisfied clients As a best practice, web designers should not go live with their website without including testimonials. Best messengers are happy clients and go in from traditional marketing to social proof. Social proof indicates that others have acknowledged your brand and the choice of connecting with your brand remains safe. Testimonials are straightforward than what you write. Testimonials can be either text or video, and they can answer questions as well. Place the right headlines for testimonials. For video testimonials, include the thumbnail. 

9. Include faces of your people – 

Faces are attractive, so including pictures of people makes the service page more fascinating. When the images are real business people, there is a human connection. So, it answers a few questions like:

  1. Persons behind the brand.
  2. Person who will work with the visitors on connecting.
  3. Is the business real?

If the team is not shown, you might fail to pass on your business essential elements and tend to lose visitors. 

10. Data and statistics – If you feel including testimonials are challenging, there are many other ways to add evidence. Your business data or service value can push the visitors towards conversions. You can include a few statistics like:

    1. Number of years in business.
    2. Number of team members.
    3. Number of successful projects or clients.
    4. Return on investment.

Including a few statistics can set you ahead of your competitors. It also becomes evidence to the visitors, thereby increasing the reliability. 

So, having seen the website service page checklist, you need also to see to remove the following features to improve results:

  1. Slideshows and carousels – Designers should avoid including a few elements where users need to click and see more. This makes a few things to hide till the visitor clicks. So, instead, stack over the details so that visitors can scroll and view them. 
  2. Social sharing icons – Do not include social sharing icons where the visitors will have to share your sales page. This is a mistake and adds no value. 


The service page on the website is an essential feature that has to be done with great care. Follow the checklist to get more conversions for your website. 


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