Top 10 Web Frameworks for Successful Web Development in 2021

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Web development frameworks are a set of custom-designed software for the development of websites or web applications. An ideal web development framework should have the required resources, libraries, tools, extensions, etc. for building, testing and maintaining web applications.

Global enterprise software expenditure is expected to surpass $500 billion by 2022, accentuating the importance of web development in the digital age.

There are many web frameworks that one can work with, but understanding the nitty-gritty of these frameworks is the key to achieve the desired web development goals.

Here are the top 10 Web Frameworks of 2021:

Angular Web Frameworks:

Established in 2009 and reintroduced in 2016, Angular is a TypeScript-based frontend framework that follows a Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure. With support from a large community of developers and Google, Angular has a two-way data binding and a rapid development pace. It is ideal for dynamic and interactive single-page web apps and the major drawback is its complexity, making it difficult to learn for new developers.

React Web Frameworks:

This is a JavaScript library created, released and open-sourced by Facebook. React boosts efficiency and speed by utilising a virtual DOM that enables data manipulation to specific components without refreshing the real DOM entirely. It is ideal for building robust web user interfaces and reusable UI components and the major limitation is its poor documentation.

Vue Web Frameworks:

Released in 2004 and developed by Evan You, Vue is a JavaScript-based web framework that follows a Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture. It is fairly easy to learn and has a fast development process, but it is overlooked by many developers because, unlike Angular and React, Vue is not supported by an MNC.

Ember Web Frameworks:

Since its release in 2011, Ember has been one of the top cross-platform frameworks in the world. It is JavaScript-based and follows an MVVM pattern similar to Vue. With well-maintained and adequate documentation, Ember is used for building high-performance web applications but it can’t be used for smaller projects.


This web framework was developed by Microsoft for developing vibrant and scalable web applications. It has a fast development speed and provides high-performing web applications but lacks documentation like React.


This is a JavaScript library that is ideal for building amazing single-page web applications. Released in 2010 and developed by Jeremy Ashkenas, BackboneJS follows a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) structure. It is extremely user friendly and easy to learn but it can’t be used for building high-quality web apps.

Django :

A web framework based on one of the most simple and easy to learn programming language-Python. A server-side framework ideally used for building secure and scalable web applications. It uses a Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture for faster development time and great security features. The only drawbacks are slow processing and a steep learning curve.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) :

One of the oldest and most preferred backend web frameworks out there. It is based on the PHP framework and Ruby programming language. RoR is mostly used for building web apps with high complexity or cloud-based apps. RoR provides secure and quick development speed with many tools and libraries, however, it has slower processing and a lack of proper documentation.

Laravel :

Another PHP web framework for building a robust backend for web apps. It is open-sourced and follows the most commonly used MVC pattern. Laravel is easy to learn with well-organized documentation but provides no support for payment gateways.

Spring :

This is a Java-based web framework with an MVC architecture as well. With a flexible environment and high performance, Spring is ideally used for premium-grade web applications. The only disadvantages are the steep learning curve and the lack of stability.

These are the best web development frameworks of 2021.

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