Wear These Designer Long Kurtis To Redefine Your Style Statement

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People are now becoming more conscious and aware of their formal and informal attire for every season. There is, however, one type of clothing that is appropriate for any season and event: the Kurti. Traditional Kurtis come with several designs that can be worn on every occasion.

For example, there are short sleeves of Kurtis for the summers, while there are chic long sleeve Kurtis for the winters. The new long Kurti designs can also give you a breathtaking look that blends both the traditional and contemporary appeal.

A long Kurti is simple yet elegant and you can style a long Kurti in a casual and trendy look with various designs. Let’s take a look at some beautiful and elegant long Kurti designs for you to choose from.

6 Long Kurti Designs

  • Long Cut Kurtas

For hot summers, if you need a breathable look, then choose a long cut, Kurti. You can pair this long Kurti with ripped jeans and flat sandals, or just simple leggings would be perfect.

  • Long Kurti with Koti

You can try Koti with the long Kurti if you love long dresses. If you are looking to send a unique item to your sister or friend, it will be a great match to get a lovely long Kurti with Koti. With this ensemble, you can try basic jewellery, and this mix would be a good idea to try out functions.

  • Straight Kurti with pants

You should try this combination of long, a straight designer Kurtas with pants if you love straight Kurtis. For any special occasion you can wear a Long Floral Kurti without too much thought it will have a good, formal look.

  • Front Short Kurtis

This combination is a very charming Kurti style that will make you look very elegant and traditional on every special occasion, such as a Diwali party, family reunion, etc. Remember to wear earrings and a pair of mojris.

  • Long Kurti with Bell-Sleeves

The pattern of the bell sleeves is very popular, and if you, too, want to indulge in this fashion statement, you can get a bell sleeve Kurti. It is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement that is acknowledged by everyone.

  • A-Line Long Kurti

Flaunt the trend with a long A-line Kurti that is the lovely fusion of Indian and traditional look. This new designer, Kurti, sets himself apart from fashion. The best thing is that ladies can bring together this Straight Cut Long Kurti and pair it with a choice of bottoms.

Let’s look at some suggestions on what you can wear with a long kurta to enhance your style.


What To Pair With Long Kurtis?

Kurtis can be worn with a range of bottom wear, such as leggings, jeggings, salwar, palazzos and even jeans. By experimenting with these bottoms, you can wear a Kurti in several styles based on mood or occasion. Only bear in mind the length of the Kurti, the form and the sort of your body before selecting your look.

Now, going on to the Dupattas part, it is possible to wear most Kurtis without one. You may use a plain stole or a scarf to cover your neck and at the same time appear voguish rather than a typical Chunari.



The above mentioned long kurta designs reveal exactly why the beautiful Indian style of Kurtis can be a good option. All are crafted and elegantly patterned in a distinctive way. For all the ladies, there are plenty of variations to suit your choice and tastes. On websites such as ampm.in, there are lots of gorgeous long kurta designs.

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