Ways To Store Your Car Tyres Properly

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Change in the season might require a change in your tyres as well. Whether you are replacing your summer tyres with winter tyres or vice-versa, storing them properly is important when the other is not being used.

In many cases, people might get the tyres replaced by an expert. However, irrespective of whether you are changing the tyres yourself or with some external help, if you are aware of how to keep them fine in the storage, it is the key. Many a time’s people forget about it. If your tyres are not stored or handled properly, their properties could change. It could simply shorten their longevity also. They could deteriorate faster and sometimes very badly that you might have to get rid of them. On the other hand, if they are handled and stored well, they could offer you many years of happiness and service along with saving a significant amount of money.

Here are a few tips on how you should store your car tyres:

  • Cleanse The Tyres

Use a detergent, a brush, and water to wash them before having them stored away. This would help clean out all the grime from the road and dust from your car’s brake accumulated in the season. The wheels also need a wash if the tyres are going to be stored on them. Remember to dry out all the components before storing them.

  • No Product Application Is Required

Tyres do not require the application of any product or dressing before storage. Tyre components are made to bear cracking in the ozone and other such environmental pressures. These products could cause obstruction instead of helping increase the tyre’s longevity.

  • Put Them In Bags

Look for an airtight large plastic bag that would be able to store each car tyre. Leaf or yard bags could also be used. Please make sure the tyre and the bag are moisture-free, then release all the air out of the bag and tape the bag to seal it. Doing this step would decrease the oil evaporating from the tyre’s rubber components. There are special storage totes or bags available for tyres that could be used. These ensure the Buy Tyres Ipswich are stored easily, keeping them dust and grime free and also makes it easier to transport them.

  • Keep away from the sun.

The heat of the sun and the ultraviolet rays could damage the rubber completely. The location of the store where the tyres are kept should be devoid of sunlight.

  • Select The Location

In warm or cold weather conditions, open-air storage of car tyres is not a good idea. The store should be dry, cool, and adequately ventilated without any sunlight coming in. The climate of the place or garage should be controlled. The tyres must be safeguarded from any source of heat in the store. The temperature, humidity, and precipitation should be consistent and appropriate to store the tyres.

  • Steer Clear Of Chemical Exposure

The ozone should be avoided at all times as it gravely damages the tyres. The motors that run on electricity make use of contact brushes to produce ozone, which includes:

  1. Compressors
  2. Central vacuum cleaners
  3. Generators
  4. Switches
  5. Furnaces
  6. Sump pumps


The area for storage must not have any of these things. The other items to be avoided are:

  1. Solvents
  2. Lubricants
  3. Fuels


  • Safeguard white rubber

If you do not store your tyres in bags, place them in white areas that touch the other white ones, similarly black areas that touch the other black areas. The white side has black rubber, which is combined separately from the rubber on the opposite side. The white side is applied with black rubber that is stain-free. This does not let the oil migrate from the black areas to the white sections to cause discolouration.

A non-staining layer of black rubber is utilised on the white side of the tyre to avoid oils from transferring from the black areas to the white ones and resulting in discolouration. Regular rubber is used on the sidewall of the black area. Hence, store white-to-white and black-to-black to avoid marks and retain the brightness of the white rubber.

  • Placing the tyres right

You could either make the tyres stand while storing them or stack them at a normal level, or hanging them on racks or hooks.

Summer tyres Ipswich or winter tyres would eventually age. However, these suggestions could help elongate their lifespan. If you are left with any doubt in your mind, you could refer a tyre expert who would guide you correctly and help you make most of the car tyres you purchased.


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