Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

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Businesses that used to rely on exposure in the newsfeeds of their business page followers are now struggling to have any of their page posts appear at all. This is because Facebook now considers the engagement of a business page post to determine how many followers see the post in their newsfeed.

As a result of this algorithm change, entrepreneurs and business owners are being forced to think of new ways to increase engagement and improve their newsfeed exposure. Have you noticed a drop in views and reach on your Facebook business page? Are you looking for new ways to get people to interact with your posts?

If this is the case, it’s time to become more strategic with your posts and always post with the goal of eliciting likes, shares, and, most importantly, comments with each post. Here are some ideas for increasing your Facebook engagement:

Respond to a Popular Post

Re – evaluate your Facebook statistics in the Insights area and look for posts that received a high engagement in the past. Make a note of the topic of that post and write a new follow-up post on the same topic.

Create valuable content

It is critical that you create posts that resonate with and appeal to your ideal target market. Pay attention to the questions your audience is asking. Follow top influencers to learn about their perspectives on your industry. On Amazon, look up topics covered in best-selling books in your industry. Inquire of your audience about the most pressing concerns and issues they have about your topic.

It is also effective to include a visual on your posts. Post an image or create a video that captures the attention of your followers. Always consider how you can tell a visual story with your post. The camera on your phone makes it simple to take and share a quick photo.

Always consider how you can visually share what you’re doing with your audience and ask leading questions to generate a discussion thread.

The importance of timing cannot be overstated

Posting a juicy post when no one is online is pointless. View your Facebook Insights stats to see when your audience is online to make the most of your posts.

Many users are most active in the evenings after work, but this is not always the case. Your Insights will reveal the true story about the best time to post. Your goal is to post when you have the most potential viewers.

Use Facebook Live

Video allows your fans to feel an incredible sense of connection with you. Make a regular schedule and do Facebook Live shows on a regular basis.

Shoot weekly pointers. Provide live Q&A sessions. Perform live “how to” segments.

Create Teasers

Tease your audience with exciting things you’ll be posting in the future. Develop a hunger and curiosity in them so that they look forward to your posts.

Try these tips and watch your Facebook Page fan engagement increase! What strategies have you used to increase Facebook engagement?


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