Way to Getting Reviews On Amazon Products

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Products with a high review rating sell more, rank higher and have better conversion rates.

Getting reviews on Amazon can be difficult. In this article we cover the top methods for getting reviews for your products on Amazon.

Tip 1 Feedback Emails

What are feedback emails? These are automatic emails that go out to every customer that orders a product from you. This is one of the best ways to get more positive reviews and prevent negative reviews.

Set up an automatic email feedback collection system that sends an email to your customers as soon as their product has been shipped or delivered.

Not every customer will receive your emails, because they are allowed to opt out from receiving seller emails. Usually around 40% of orders will get your email.

Tip 2 Seller Feedback

Push customers to leave seller feedback first. The reason for this is you can remove negative seller feedback that is about the product.

For customers that leave a negative seller review, contact them and resolve their issue. For customers that leave a 5-star seller review, drop them an email thanking them and requesting that they leave you a product review. You can do this automatically by clicking the request review next to the specific order.

Tip 3 Run A Promotion on AMZ Tracker Or use Professional services.

AMZ Tracker is not allowed to ask customers for reviews in exchange for a discounted product. But, if you get more sales, then it is more likely you will get reviews.
Running promotions helps you boost your rank which also boosts your sales and potential to get more reviews in the long term. That is why they are so valuable! You can try services which is managed by a real expert who ensures reviews daily based for amazon product for paid free sales improvement.

Tip 4 Blasts versus Drip Feed

When doing promotions, I recommend that you spread the number of units you are giving away over 7 to 10 days or more.

You’re trying to give your product a general boost, and also you’ll want to minimize the potential for Amazon to remove your reviews. If you do one big blast, it may trigger Amazon’s monitoring systems, and they may remove all the reviews you get on that day.

If you’re running ongoing promotions it’s unlikely they’ll penalize all of them.

Remember: Promotional Tools Like AMZ Tracker do not offer discounted products in return for reviews. They are designed to help you sell more & rank higher.

Tip 5 Be Careful

Never offer to pay customers or request a 5-star review, just sell your product and let them create an honest opinion about it.

If Amazon finds out that you have been paying customers to review your products or trying to push for 5 star reviews they could suspend your account.

Tip 6 How Many Reviews?

Once you get over 20 reviews your conversion rate for your product will go up. Later, you can increase conversions by getting 100 or more.

In the long run you need at least the average of the top five products in your niche because customers buying the product compare relatively to how many reviews you have.

If everyone in your product niche has only 50 reviews then having 100 seems a lot, but if your competitors have 1000 or more reviews then your 100 reviews is too small.

The amount of reviews you need to get depends on your niche.

Tip 7 Negative Reviews

As well as trying to get as many reviews as possible, your goal should be to prevent all negative reviews. One negative review can act as an anchor to pull down your ranking and sales.

In your emails to customers, customer service and packaging departments request that customers contact you to fix any issues before leaving a review. That way you can fix problems and create happy customers before they get the chance to leave a negative comment about your product.

It helps to have a great quality product as this will prevent negative reviews in the first place.


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