Way to Connect Phone and PC with Kamvas 22

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The Huion pen tablet has become a trendsetter and got the label of the affordable tablet. It has saved a lot of money for creative, graphic designers, digital art enthusiasts, etc. Here, we are guiding you to connect a Huion kamvas 22 with your phone and computer.

The method is so simple you just need to follow as directed here:

Nowadays whether it’s a phone or tablet manufacturer firms assembling their models with Type-C USB port support.

In kamvas 22 and kamvas 22 plus you have got three types of USB ports that are for 3in 1 HDMI, type A, and Type C. So you can connect keyboard, mouse, flash drive, too.

The first way to connect your PC with a graphic pen tablet is by using a 3 in 1 HDMI port and 3 in cable for proper power supply. You can connect to the HDMI signal port.

The second port is used for type C to Type-C connectivity, to connect the tablet and PC or tablet and phone.

USB A port is used to connect the external devices.

Every port is designed for a different type of connectivity interface so before connecting any device inspect the port type.

Ways to connect Kamvas 22 graphic pen tablet and PC

  • Not all PCs are designed with an HDMI port so don’t worry we have an alternative way to connect the graphic pen tablet from the PC. You can get a proper 3 in 1 cable.

This cable makes a proper arrangement and is grouped with an HDMI signal cable, Type-C cable,  Type-A cable. We just need to plug into the right place or port. So, the tablet usually has a Type-C port so that it can be plugged in to the tablet the other two will co next to the PC.

The power adapter and power supply cable connection will make this arrangement ready to use. Lastly, plug in the cable to board and you are ready to begin your creativity.

  • USB C to USC link

If you are using this type of cable and your PC and android device also designed with a type C USB port the connection is easy. We have got the info, in the packaging, you will not get a type-C USB to Type-C USB cable with kamvas 22 huion Pen tablet. So, you need to purchase it from the market but in any kind of scenario, you should confirm the data transfer rate and protocol status. 

After connecting the Type-C USB cable, keep a 3-in-1 cable along with you. This will be used to connect the graphic pen tablet and for the power adapter.

If you are not getting the proper full-screen resolution then it is possible as it is not available on many systems.

USB C connectivity for phone to kamvas 22 Huion India tablet

Connect the phone with Full entire USB C cable

On Android devices, you can experience the full-screen view but you need to make setting changes.

  • Here, you will require a 3 in 1 cable. And you need to connect the USB C connector to the USB C port. To get the accessibility of kamvas 22 on android.
  • To get the proper connectivity the power adapter needs to set up with a DC port.
  • Once the power supply is activated, turn on the huion pen tablet kamvas 22.


Do you have a proper USB C to USB C cable? If not then purchase one and connect both devices phone and graphic pen tablet kamvas 22.

Now you need to look over the phone settings.

Turn on Samsung DEX and EMUI to get the desktop view on the phone screen.

Before connecting to the android device if you have connected the graphic pen tablet with a PC disconnect all the connectivity modes, HDMI ports, also you need to turn off the graphic pen tablet

To work on the android device or phone set up the things accordingly, we have mentioned in this guide.

Here we have mentioned the possible methods to get accessibility on phone and PC both using different types of cable. In case of any concern and for support information and queries, you can visit the official Huion India site.


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