Want To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value? Here’s How Patio Fire Tables Can Help

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There are numerous additions that you can incorporate in your Patio fire table to your backyard. At the point when you make an outdoor living space, you give your loved ones an extra spot to hang out together, to hold social gatherings and after-parties. You essentially get more from your home and more from your yard.

Another incredible reason to introduce a patio fire table or outdoor fireplace is that it can enhance your home as outside living spaces are profoundly attractive highlights to someone who is looking to buy a new home. Ask any real estate agent and they will concur that a growing trend is taking place around outdoor living areas. Families are spending less time indoors and more time outdoors, with more and more people taking a proactive approach to their health. Homes with developed outdoor living spaces complete with fire pits and other accessories tend to have a higher resale value as a consequence.

Anyway, exactly what amount of monetary value will an outdoor living area and the components the homeowner chooses to include in it add to the home?

It truly relies upon a wide range of components, in spite of the fact that one can anticipate that it should increase the home’s estimation by 15-40% overall.

How does a patio fire table add value to your outdoor living space?

The growing outdoor living trend

For potential homebuyers, it becomes more and more popular to place a high premium on their outdoor living space. People want a good yard, one that they can enjoy and one in which their children can play. They want space for outdoor cooking, eating, talking, laughing, and playing. People want a pool with a pool house and a barbecue area in warmer climates. They truly love a patio fire table or outdoor fireplace in the colder areas of the country.

The main thing is that it is extremely practical for these installations. A patio fire pit means that even when it’s cold, they can gather outside, as the fire will keep them warm. And it is also a great place for the family to cook hot dogs and burgers. Another advantage is that a patio fire table also helps to avoid bugs, making it much more practical.

A fire table can add value, particularly as part of bigger living space

A well-developed outdoor living space can also add significantly to the resale value of the home, in addition to adding comfort, livability, and ambiance to the home. In fact, a patio fire table can add up to 20 percent to the home’s resale value as part of a well-developed and well-manicured outdoor living space.

Choose a patio fire table wisely

A patio fire table that has the capability to offer a higher selling price for the home, be a focal point to a family gathering and entertainment needs to be carefully selected. Here are pointers to keep in mind when selecting them.

Choose a type that has the right heat source:

  • There is wood readily available. But even if it’s ok for use in your area, neighbors may find the smoke disturbing, particularly if they have asthma or bronchitis.
  • It is easy to use propane or natural gas and requires little maintenance, but will need a specialist to run a buried supply line to the fire pit.
  • Another option is canned alcohol gel fuel, providing about five hours of burn time but needs about 15 minutes to warm up.
  • Tempered or fire-rated fire glass, meaning it does not burn, melt, or discolor. Also sold as fire diamonds, fire cubes, or fire beads, it is available in several colors and beautifully reflects light.
  • Lava rock costs less than fire glass, particularly for better heat dispersion in smaller chunks, and provides a textured, rustic look. Sold as black lava rock, red lava rock and smoother rolled lava rock.

If family time and high resale value for the home are important to you then contact Shop4Patio today and get your very own patio fire pit today!



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