Use Mailer Boxes as a Marketing Tool

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Use Mailer Boxes as a Marketing Tool

Custom mailer boxes may be shown to be the most effective advertising avenue for you and your clients.

Custom Mailer Boxes

But how do you do it? 


The mailer boxes have specific distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from the competition. For example, they provide a beautiful package design. Furthermore, with our customization service, you may completely customize the boxes to match your company identity. The significant advantages of cardboard mailer boxes are that they are available in a range of forms and sizes. Because these boxes consist of recycled materials, they are popular with individuals who believe in global warming.


Corrugated mailer boxes are the 1st choice in any business, whether in the retail and manufacturing industries. They’re incredibly successful when combined with customized. There are several advantages to using cardboard mailer boxes over other types.


Regardless what the sort of event, everyone wants to make it as memorable as possible. Favor boxes are perfect for enhancing and cheering up any forthcoming event that you want to organize.

mailer Boxes

What does the custom printed mailer box contain?


Mailer cardboard boxes may be the most versatile and valuable since they are made of cardboard that can be modified into any color. However, they are naturally present in brown. Because it is a less expensive material than other materials, it is ideal for any new business start-up. Despite its understated appearance, you may get a similar effect by applying box covers or stickers.


Aside from that, the following alternatives are also available:


White Cardboard Mailer Boxes


White cardboard mailer boxes keep it basic and environmentally responsible by using ordinary bleached corrugated cardboard that is white in color or goes big with full-color offset printing on laminated cardboard.


Recycled Kraft Cardboard Mailer Boxes


Kraft Cardboard is the ideal medium for a minimalist or naturalistic style. These cardboard mailer boxes are entirely recyclable and biodegradable. Because they are natural, they are coming in brown color. However, you may make them more appealing by utilizing digital printing or any other form of printing.


Colors and Materials Used for Mailer Boxes


Corrugated cardboard is used to make mailer boxes. Though natural recycled cardboard is the most popular, you can add other characteristics like glossy or matte finishes to make them attractive.


Appealing Appearance


Our mailer boxes are also visually appealing enough to entice potential clients to buy your brand product. We can assist you with customizing mailer boxes based on your products and preferences. We may print your preferred information on them. We will print eye-catching pictures, 3D images, graphics, your business name, logo, contact information, product characteristics, and more on them. We also provide a variety of finishes. You can select from glossy, matte, spot UV, gold/silver foiling, embossing, and other options for the custom printed rigid boxes.


Freedom of Customization


THE Custom Mailer Boxes are a unique and user-friendly method to add a wow element to your goods. With a brilliant marketing plan, you can develop Custom Packaging for Small businesses in this fast-paced and competitive age. These boxes not only advertise your company but also attractively wow clients. But, on the other hand, these boxes captivate buyers by conveying the elegance and authenticity of your brand or product, making you stands out in the market.


Colored Mailer Boxes


Colored Mailer Boxes are mainly intended to capture the attention of customers right away. This is the grandiose and practical type of packaging that is highly popular for reaching out to your consumers and wowing them. Furthermore, these boxes are available in various unique forms, sizes, and patterns, as well as a tab lock tuck top. The mailing materials are kept safe thanks to the cherry lock and dust flaps. These boxes are easy to use and do not require any glue.


Enhance Security 


Remarkably, a manufacturer’s top priority is always the product’s security. Therefore, the need for mailing boxes has grown for this purpose. Mailer boxes are lightweight and portable. Furthermore, they can contain any goods. Essentially, custom mailers boxes are ideal for transporting mail since they ensure the protection of your merchandise. However, many people believe that mailer boxes are solely used for sending mail. Although this notion is incorrect, you may utilize these boxes for a variety of reasons.


Filling Material for Extra Protection


As previously stated, filler material will be required to provide extra cushioning for your items during handling and transportation. Here are a few alternatives for you to consider:


  • Nuts are being packed.
  • Wrapping paper made of tissue.
  • Inserts made of cardboard or Styrofoam.
  • Paper crumpled.
  • Wrap it in bubble wrap.
  • Pillows made of air.
  • Shreds of paper
  • Eco-friendly substitutes (green wrap, mushroom packaging, etc.)


It can be Molded in any Shape and Size 


Mailer boxes may be molded into any size and thickness since they are constructed of cardboard that comes in various thickness classes and strength ratings, beginning with the usual E flute choice and progressing to B flute cardboard and finishing with the highly durable 5-layer EB flute grade. Thus, you have the flexibility to choose any design, shape, and printing choice for producing your desired boxes precisely to your specifications; moreover, our design staff can guide you through all of the possibilities in greater detail.




Cost is the most significant element for any organization when compared to other variables. Every business needs packaging now, and they allot money for packaging and printing. So, if you’re thinking about getting Custom Mailer Boxes, you should know how much these boxes will cost. Although cardboard mailer boxes are the most economical option when it comes to select the cost-effective packaging material


We use a variety of printing colors and use recyclable cardboard for mailer boxes. These boxes are made up of double-walled solid cardboard with water-based ink and paint. With this confidence, you may ship your product to your destination with security. In addition, the double layer of on-top cardboard offers more robustness and safety in comparison to single-wall carton mailer boxes.

Eco Friendly

Suppose your items are shipped into a retail store in whole by heavy-duty mailers. This is an excellent method to harden and consistently your package throughout! In addition, our natural, eco-specific printed boxes might be a unique means to mark your company.


West Ham United vs Leicester City England- Premier League

Creating Custom Mailer Boxes in the Year 2021


West Ham United vs Leicester City England- Premier League

Creating Custom Mailer Boxes in the Year 2021