Why uPVC Windows are Ideal for Homeowners

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uPVC windows have become widely popular in the past few years, as many homeowners consider them over other window types. In this article, we’ll discuss some valid reasons why these window profiles have become popular in India, as well as worldwide.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a form of standard hard plastic that’s referred to as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This material is recently being used for making different styles of doors and windows. Furthermore, it has a lot of benefits.

For instance, uPVC doors and windows are resistant to corrosion, moisture, pollution and mould. That’s why this material is acknowledged as a great alternative to aluminium and timber windows and doors.

Many homeowners are switching their traditional window and door profiles with uPVC due to its durability and strength.

Why People Consider uPVC Windows for their Home/Office:

  1. Security

Security of a property is essential when installing a door or window. That’s why uPVC is considered over other materials. Since uPVC profiles come integrated with double-glazed and multiple locking combinations, they can prevent intruders from getting into your property.

  1. Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is also important when it comes to installing new doors and windows. uPVC, being a low conductor of heat, is great for minimising heat loss, which is quite common with non-insulating materials.

  1. Low Maintenance

Unlike natural materials that need annual repainting, varnishing and sanding, uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance. These profiles can easily last for decades without showing any indications of weathering. All you need to do is use soapy water and a clean cloth to prevent staining and remove dirt and grime.

  1. Durability

The uPVC material is tough enough to withstand extreme elements and can even survive corrosion and rotting. These qualities make uPVC advantageous to properties where it’s installed. Moreover, this material remains well-protected from harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays. Hence, uPVC is resistant to fading due to long sun exposure.

  1. Customisable

You may have seen uPVC windows and doors mostly in white colour. But with the latest developments, many uPVC door manufacturers in India are creating them in a lot of customisable colours, styles, shapes and imitation effects like wood grain.

Manufacturers or companies can custom these profiles as per your preferences to blend perfectly with your home or office interior.

  1. Ventilation

Since uPVC windows are available in various styles and configurations, they can provide ample ventilation into a property. For effective window ventilation, you may choose sliding, casement or “tilt and turn” profiles.

  1. Eco-Friendly

The life span of uPVC windows on average is around 40-80 years, as it’s usually made from recyclable materials that can last for a long time. Furthermore, this material has a minimal impact on the environment. But when replacing your old uPVC windows and doors, it’s important to ask the installer about how they’ll dispose of the material. It can be reused in various other products like plumbing fittings, pipes and more.

  1. Weather Resistant

Weathering is a common issue with most materials that are used on a property’s exterior. Fortunately, uPVC windows and doors don’t react with air and water. So, these are not vulnerable to ageing caused by natural elements. uPVC material can stand up to any weather condition and needs little maintenance compared to naturally occurring counterparts like wood.

  1. Soundproof

Another benefit of installing uPVC windows and doors is that these are soundproof. uPVC windows can reduce external noise by around 50% than other window types. These window installations when combined with double- or triple-glazed window panels can prevent outside noise from entering indoors.

  1. Fire Retardant

One of the prominent advantages of the uPVC windows is their ability to be fire retardant. As per building regulations, the frames and units of windows and doors of a building should be fire-retardant to prevent fire spread. uPVC windows make sure that these profiles adhere to all fire safety protocols to remain protected from fire for a long time in a fire breakout incident.


uPVC windows are made from sustainable and recyclable materials that can resist the long-term impact on our environment. These profiles can further be reused and recycled. Besides, it has several advantages that make it superior to other window materials. Although uPVC’s demand currently is low in the Indian window market, there is still increasing interest. Many people search for sustainable and energy-efficient window alternatives to aluminium or timber. Due to all these abilities, uPVC is an ideal material for extreme climates.

When installing uPVC windows or doors, you must consult a professional window installer/fabricator to ensure proper fitting. The well-fitted uPVC windows and doors will ensure the aforementioned benefits to your properties.


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