Updates to Power BI Publish to the web for better public reporting

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Digital data is generated every hour at a massive rate, which helps businesses to make predictions and informed decisions for the future. However, collecting large amounts of data, without any filtering, will incur additional effort from the company’s side. A BI (business intelligence) software helps businesses curate the data based on their necessity.

However, before diving into the topic, let’s look at the definitions of Power BI and public reporting.

Important elements to consider

  1. Placeholder image

Placeholder images help all the reports to load at a faster pace to increase overall user experience on various mobile devices. When a particular web page is loaded with a lot of content or widgets, the aggregate loading time is bound to be greater. In such a case, the placeholder image works efficiently to load the report faster.

  1. Data refresh experience

Power BI processes 40 petabytes of data every month. When the customers update the underlying dataset, the cache experiences an overhead and there is an increase in the load time of the report.

With the data refresh experience, the cache will be cleared once a new dataset is imported. This helps the report page to load seamlessly.

  1. Heavy usage experience

The scalability aspect of the application is enormous as it can reach a wide range of target audience with complete ease. When a report requires heavy usage, Power BI restricts the queries initiated in the report so that it is not processed to the Power BI Consulting services.

These measures help in managing the data from one report to another without hampering the efficiency of the entire data report system.

  1. Designing reports to avoid heavy usage

The data present in the reports can be amplified to reduce the queries to the Power BI. Report page tooltips, slices, matrices, tables, charts, and graphs can be provided with appealing visuals to make the user understand the data insights gained from Power BI. This will reduce the number of queries and the additional overload incurred from processing them.

Power BI: Data Refresh Experience

Power BI tool allows businesses to collect, curate, and scrutinize data from huge amounts of data through a seamless interface. Power BI is created by Microsoft, which is similar to Microsoft Excel and is more powerful as compared to its counterpart.

Power BI draws digital information that understands the patterns and transforms the data into insights-based on which business decisions can be made. It provides easy-to-process and visually appealing infographics and charts.

It processes data resources from databases, excel sheets, and cloud-based applications. Power BI enables businesses to make predictions and prepare for upcoming demands and changes in the industry.

The tool comes with major advantages, like minimal upfront costs, viewing and analyzing data from different platforms and devices, instant dashboards for access, drag and drop functionality, drilling down functionality, simple sentences for Power BI queries.

Power BI has a growing online community that provides support and helps businesses navigate better. Around 381 companies use Power BI by Microsoft which is increasing annually.

Public reporting: Heavy Use Experience

Public Reporting refers to the process of making data publicly available or to a broad audience at nominal or no cost. This is used to provide information about a business structure, process, or outcome to any individual or a group, organization.

Public reporting involves comparing data across providers, comparing a single provider to a national/regional data report based on performance through accepted standards or best practices.

Cost-effectiveness, resource utilization, quality of the services, and the necessary improvement needed can be determined through public reporting.

Power BI Publish to web

Publish-to-Web feature in Power BI allows users to integrate interactive Power BI predictions and graphs to outside applications.  The users can then publicly share the report, infographic, and charts online on a web page or a blog post.

The report and its data are accessible to any internet user without any permissions or security restrictions after it is published on the internet. Power BI is available in 43 languages and to 200,000 customers worldwide.

The Publish-to-Web feature of Power BI allows users to share compelling stories with interactive data visualizations. It also has provisions for auto-refresh that allows the report to stay up-to-date as the data source is updated. The feature should not be used to create reports on private or personal data.


Publish to web feature is a great tool that offers any individual or business the data insights needed. Updated elements in the feature make sure that the web page that hosts the report provides the result of the query without any latency.


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