Unknown Facts About PPC Services Revealed By The Experts 

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Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most powerful marketing strategy available to businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about PPC services as well. Some business owners think they have to pay a fortune to get an ad to appear on Google, and some believe they can’t afford PPC.

The reality is that PPC services are a hugely profitable marketing strategy that allows you to spend according to your budget and still get the results you are looking for it.

Experts of ppc campaign services agency Chicago put together a list of PPC unknown facts to clarify things. We’ll show you the incredible benefits of entering the PPC world and provide you with the information you need to start your PPC campaign today.

Google Generates 95% of all Clicks on Paid Search ads on Mobile Devices

It is big. It is time to make sure you optimize your ads for mobile devices. It has been highly recommended so far but will soon be a requirement if you are serious about competing in your industry.

Ensure your PPC campaign are mobile-optimized from start to finish, so you don’t miss out on this vast and growing market.

Remarketing Conversion Rates Increase over Time

It is important because it contradicts the ideas of banner blindness and advertising fatigue repeated so often. The CTR on remarketing ads can decrease further over time, but the increased conversion rate shows that remarketing campaigns worth your time and money.

A large percentage of website visitors will leave websites without converting. Remarketing campaigns are simply a way to remind people to finish what they started while subconsciously strengthening your brand.

52% of people who click on PPC ads call the Advertiser Anyway

In other words, you had better display your business phone number prominently in your ppc services ad. Better yet, take advantage of the Direct Call functionality now offered by major ad networks.

Click-to-call, paired with a proper campaign structure, means you’ll essentially be paying for phone calls directly to your business.

Higher CTR = Lower CPC

The better your ad performs and the higher your CTR, the less you pay per click. Search engine watch found that every 0.1% increase in CTR for the Google Display Network translates to a 20% decrease in CPC.

Since CTR is an essential part of Google’s Quality Score measure for all ads, the message is clear: follow the rules of quality control, and you will reward with more clicks and less.

Use Call Tracking to get the big picture

We conducted a study where experts broke down a single landing page’s conversion rate in web form conversions and phone call conversions. They found that measuring only web form conversions would result in a perceived conversion rate of 3.16%, a clear sign of a poor-performing landing page.

By implementing call tracking and the page’s phone conversion rate, they saw that the total conversion rate increased to 8.45%, a much more respectable conversion rate, and an indication. The landing page was working well.

If they hadn’t measured the phone’s conversion rate through call tracking, they probably would have given up or revamped the landing page because their web form conversion rate seemed so low.

Ad extensions

The most effective PPC services these days are those that use a wide variety of ad extension technologies.

Ad extensions are great little tools made available to advertisements in PPC campaigns to get to the first three or four places. Ad extensions turn your 4-line PPC campaign ad into a 5-line ad or more with additional text and clickable additions that are helpful to direct the user to your business.

Ad extensions use to improve click-through rates, and not surprised when they give buyers and businesses a better way to interact through PPC advertising.

Some uses of ad extensions include displaying business location (ideal for local businesses), product or business reviews, seasonal deals like Black Friday, useful product information(price and rating), and site links.

The top paid advertising spaces record 46% of page clicks

You might have the best SEO strategy in the world, and paid clicks will far exceed your organic clicks.

There are two takeaways from this statistic. First and foremost, keeping your Quality Score high is imperative, as ads with higher Quality Scores tend to appear higher on the page.

Second, this statistic shows why you should invest in PPC services even if you are pleased with your SEO efforts. Let’s say you rank for the top 3 positions for a given keyword. What if you also had ads in the full three paid ad spaces? You would have control over the top 6 results for that keyword.

Negative keywords are essential.

It would be best if you thought of negative keywords as another layer of demographic targeting. You can shape the target audience for your ad by using negative keywords.

For example, add the negative keywords “free,” “cheap,” etc. A campaign for a specific type of product will ensure that you don’t waste ad impressions on those people who are unlikely to make a purchase.

One study found that just including negative keywords increased a campaign’s CTR from 0.97% to 1.33%, resulting in an overall increase in the conversion rate of 1.12 % to 1.53%.

PPC is not affected by algorithm updates

Your PPC results are much more “secure” than your SEO results can be. If you have a great PPC campaign running, it won’t be arbitrarily put out of orbit by the algorithm updates that plague organic rankings so often.

Unless you suspend your AdWords account, the only “algorithm” that affects your PPC results is the highly accessible Quality Score measurement. We can say that it is much easier to “play by the rules” and be successful with PPC than SEO. It is beneficial to allocate a portion of your budget to PPC campaigns, as you may recover if your site’s ranking is severely affected by an algorithm update.

Difference between paid and natural search results

It’s easy to fall into thoughts, “who even clicks on Google ads anyway?” The numbers are out, and users can’t tell the difference between paid and organic search results up to half of all search engines.

It means that all of these people will see the PPC ads displayed in addition to the organic results and assume that they are organic search results. That alone is reason enough to start with PPC. For these users, you can pay for the top “organic” position.

PPC doesn’t have to be Expensive

Many marketers have the impression that PPC services require huge budgets. It is simply not true. The benefits of PPC can see at any level of budgeting, often with very high margins. Google itself operates on the “conservative assumption” that businesses earn an average of $ 2 for every dollar spent on AdWords.

While it’s often true that larger budgets allow you to launch campaigns to higher levels, you’re able to see results with Pay Per Click at nearly any budgeting level.

All companies should allocate at least an experimental PPC budget. If you do, you’ll likely see the benefits quickly and want to make it a permanent part of your overall marketing strategy.

However, PPC campaigns require time spent on creation and optimization. If you’re too busy to lead your business’s PPC efforts, let us help. Our PPC campaign services agency Chicago team of internet marketers, has years of experience running successful PPC campaigns for our many clients. Contact us for a free quote or more information!



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