Think Before Going For Tyre Upsizing

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There are numerous options while buying vehicles. The decision of vehicle buying is affected largely by aesthetics and look apart from performance and price for automobile enthusiasts. Many auto-enthusiasts are eager to have unique and sporty vehicle charisma. This eagerness results in modifications, and tyre upsizing is not an exception. Therefore, before upsizing the tyre, the vehicle owners take these factors into account.

Technically, you can perform tyre upsizing in two methods:

Wider Performance Tyres Newbury Installation and Larger wheels Up-gradation

Retaining the original wheels and mounting wider tyre

Tyres Upsizing Benefits

The following are the benefits offered by tyre upsizing apart from the cosmetic look of the vehicle profile:

Safe Breaking:

The braking distance is significantly reduced by wider tyres, which offers better braking control. Thus, more safety and no skidding are ensured.

More Stance:

When the vehicle is at the fastest speed, this will enable the driver to maintain proper stability and control.

Overall Control:

The overall performance of a vehicle is enhanced by Tyre upsizing concerning its traction, stability and balance. For vehicles having over or understeering, this is an asset. This is because the driver can balance the vehicle securely and safely with wider tyres.

Easy Cornering:

In-car cornering, Suspension has a crucial role. Enabling the driver to corner efficiently even at high speed, wider tyres have slimmer sidewall flex.


For personalizing the car and including oomph in the side profile of the car, the fastest way is tyring upsizing for many car owners. Wide tyres enhance the style quotient and look of your car.

Tyres Upsizing Disadvantages

Discouraging the vehicle owner, the tyre upsizing has many disadvantages too apart from the above benefits:

Minimised Acceleration:

In terms of impacting its acceleration, the vehicle’s performance may get hampered although large tyres and wheels offer more grip. The acceleration gets reduced, as larger tyres add more weight to the vehicle and increase the burden.

More Cost:

Based on the factors like the type of tyres and vehicle used, it can be expensive to upsize the tyres. However, more expenses for the car owner can be meant by larger wheels and tyres.

Less Fuel Efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of a vehicle can also be affected by tyre upsizing. The grip of the vehicle on the road is more with larger wheels and wider tyres. Thus, the rolling resistance is affected negatively by this. Thus, the vehicle consumes more fuel to be driven and more revs to be driven smoothly.

Heavy Steering:

Stability is enhanced by wheels and tyres Newbury as the contact patch is more. However, they also indicate heavy steering, which needs more effort to control and manoeuvre the steering wheel. This proves to be a matter of worry to the drivers who prefer to have light steering while driving and those who prefer slow traffic.

Less Driving Comfort:

The riding quality can be affected by tyre upsizing adversely. The sidewall length goes down drastically with wider tyres and larger wheels. Thus, almost no or very little flex is left on the wheels to absorb any shock on rough roads. Thus, the driving gets uncomfortable both for the passengers and driver alike.

Wrong Reading in Speedometer:

The reading of the speedometer in your car can be affected by tyre upsizing if it is done incorrectly. Thus, car owners must be very cautious while selecting the correct tyres for upsizing. Proportionate upsizing of tyres is recommended by the tyre experts. This indicates that the increase in tyre width must be proportionate to the decrease in the sidewall of the tyre. This, in turn, affects the modern system performance like in the TPMS, ETC, ABS and ESP.


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