Types Of Health Insurance For International Students In Canada.

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1967 was the year Canada gained World appreciation as their Health care system was launched. Ever since then, the Canadian health care system has been a great initiative. The good thing about the Canadian Health Care system is that they provide financial support to everyone regardless of their financial status. By providing free health care services to all Canadian citizens, Canadians slowly forgot about insurance. Over time, insurance in Canada deteriorated utterly, and the only coverage Insurance companies offer is insurance for visitors and international students. 

With that being said, If you are considering studying in Canada, you should purchase a foreign student health care package. Health insurance companies cover all their customer’s medical costs and plans. In addition, it compensates for all the costs born by the insured person in the event of injury or sickness or directly pays their medical costs to their respected medical professionals. Therefore it is crucial to get visitor insurance in Canada.

If you are an international student in Canada, you must have student medical insurance in Canada, depending on the tenure of your studies. If your visa does not obligate you to purchase medical insurance for international students in Canada, your institute surely will. With that being said, let’s cover every information regarding health insurance for international students in Canada.

Types of international insurance plans.

Various types of insurance plans are available for international students. Depending on each individual, they can choose from the following types of insurance plans. 

For international students: Medical health insurance for international students is strictly for those studying abroad. This type of insurance covers all sorts of sports injuries, emergency care evacuation, and mental wellbeing. 

International travel medical insurance: This travel insurance for visitors to Canada is for people who are staying in Canada on a visit visa basis. This insurance is valid for two years and can be used to enhance your existing medical care plan. Similar to insurance plans for international students, the primary focus of this insurance is emergency care evacuation. Other benefits of international travel medical insurance are as followed:

  • Global coverage.
  • Coverage for the entire family.
  • Childbirth coverage.
  • The coverage limits up to 2 years.
  • Preexisting injury or illness coverage.
  • Travel benefits such as lost bags and identification assistance.

Conclusive thoughts.

Health insurance is mandatory for international students in Canada, as mandated by their respected educational institute. According to the Canadian Health regulations, the annual insurance premium varies between 600CAD to 900CAD. The prices may differ from Insurance company to Insurance company but the said figure should be a rough estimate. International students can avail themselves of quite a lot of imperative things from their insurance plans. If you are considering coming to Canada to study, it is vital to get your insurance from a trustworthy insurance company such as Insurance4U. With that being said, Insurance4U pledges to provide the best service possible and leave their customers satisfied.

For further information, visit our website www.insurance4u.ca or visit our office at 2255 Dundas St West Unit 207, Mississauga, ON, L5K. you can also reach out to us via email or phone. info@insurance4u.ca or call us at +1 800 697 7717. 


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